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Redken guide for damaged hair

22 November 2021

Have damaged hair, but feel that no treatment solves the problem? Maybe you are not acting on its real needs! Find out which of the Extreme lines best suits your hair's current condition!

Damaged hair is one of the most common hair concerns to manage. From breakage, dryness and split ends, there are several signs that shows that the hair is damaged. 

Fortunately, if you choose the right treatment routine it is possible to treat, restore and strengthen hair strands.

The Redken Extreme lines offer three restorative hair treatments targeted at various types of hair damage, ensuring hydration and softness while being strengthened.  Whatever your hair type, there is an Extreme line that targets your specific needs, revitalizing and repairing damaged hair.

What causes damaged hair?

Our Redken Artist, Adina Doss, explains that hair damage tends to appear when hair protein is weakest. This can happen from chemical treatments such as coloring or bleaching, or also from mechanical actions from the use of hair dryers or hair straighteners. 

"Damaged hair can look worn and resemble wild hair," says Redken Artist Julie Lahr, and, "sometimes you'll start to notice that your hair is damaged with the appearance of split ends."  



redken extreme lenght

If you have damaged and brittle hair and are struggling to achieve your desired length, Extreme Length is the range for you. With a powerful combination of key ingredients such as biotin, soy protein, and castor oil, this range helps you to achieve longer and stronger hair, even while getting coloring or bleaching services!

The Redken Extreme Length range helps to strengthen hair and reduce breakage by up to 81%. In the Extreme Length range, biotin acts as a key ingredient in strengthening hair from growth to ends and helps hair to become stronger and longer.



redken extreme bleach recovery

If you regularly attend bleaching services, your hair may eventually become more weak and prone to breakage. This is why bleached hair requires special care to stay strong and healthy-looking. 

The Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery cares for bleached and damaged hair by restoring humidity and adding shine and softness to dry, brittle hair, with visible results after one use. The Lamellar Extreme Bleach Recovery treatment is an innovative liquid treatment that creates a second cuticle that adheres to the hair to fill porosity and increases hair manageability.



redken extreme

One of the most common causes of damaged hair is the heat from styling services. If you frequently use styling services to straighten, curl or blow-dry your hair, it can become weakened and damaged. The Redken Extreme range has arginine to strengthen and maintain healthy hair at the core. This haircare range also has sepicap which restores the ends of the hair.


Tip: In addition to regularly using this strong hair treatment, you should also use a heat protection spray like Iron Shape 11 that will protect your hair from the high temperatures that can result from styling services.