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Beauty anti-pollution shield!

Did you know that pollution, along with the sun, are considered the most dangerous problem to the skin? Get to know the products that work for a strong and protected skin!


It's not just the Sun that is considered to be the enemy of the skin. Pollution, along with the UV rays, weakens the antioxidant defenses and accelerates aging.

Thus, in time to guard against the pollution, use not only sunscreen, but also products that have high concentrations of antioxidants to prevent the lodging of particulate pollutants on the skin and strengthen its resistance to all adverse effects resulting therefrom.

Surrender to products that specifically fight against pollution and ensure the beauty of one of the most precious good: the health of your skin.

/img/blog/produtos-anti-poluicao-protector-anti-oxidante-1278_02.jpg The cleansing step is really important in your daily beauty routine, especially after a demanding day. Take off your shoes and take off  all the dirt that has accumulated throughout the day on your skin. Choose gentle but effective products. We love:

1. Clarins - cream douce démaquillant anti-pollution

Is a make-up remover carefully designed for fragile skins  undder a urban environment polluted. Perfectly clean make-up and impurities from an extremely comfortable, eliminating traces of pollution. Free the epidermis of toxins and protects the skin from the harmful effects of pollution.

2. Biotherm - Skin oxygen depolluting and purifying cleanser

A cleansing gel that leaves a comfortable skin without the feeling of stretching. Enriched with the key ingredient of the brand, Life Plankton and Chlorella extract, the skin stays clean, without impurities and also protected from pollutant agents.

3. Talika -Bubble mask bio detox 

Inspired by K-beauty trends, Talika has developed a mask that will leave the skin clean and purified. When in contact with the skin, oxygen microbubbles are formed that covers the face, unclog  pores, removing toxins and impurities thanks to bamboo charcoal while strengthening, appeasing and moisturizing the skin.

4. Apivita - Sea lavender moisturizing & anti-pollution mask

In just 10 minutes, the skin becomes softer and appeased, as if it was revitalized. The formula features extracts of lavender and propolis, organic honey extract, aloe vera, calendula and essential oils of geranium and lavender.


Now it's time for a product that will make a difference and work as a shield for all skin's agression throughout the day: the serum! So, with a lightweight or  creamy texture, the important is start the treatment step, with the application of one of these product:

1. Clarins - Booster detox for skin assaulted and subject to pollution 

Complementary care to your routine  that can be applied in any step of the treatment, hydration or protection by mixing any beauty care! This formula contains extracts of green coffee, with a high stimulating action, but also the Clarins anti-pollution complex, designed to protect the skin from the aggressions of the day-to-day.

2. Martiderm - Urban restore serum moisturizer and night detoxifier

A night care that repairs the cellular damage that occurred during the day due to pollution. Its formula promotes the self-renewal, repair and cellular protection, intense moisture and a soothing skin.

3. Skinceuticals - C e ferulic

One of the best antioxidant séruns ever! High-power and formulated with the aim to neutralize the damage caused by free radicals, by increasing skin care protection UVA and UVB rays, responsible for the oxidative stress of the skin, has a strong role in the prevention of premature aging skin. This stimulates the synthesis of collagen and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, by standardising the complexion and dimming the uneven relief with significant improvements in firmness and elasticity.

4. Vichy - Liftactiv fresh shot antioxidant anti-fatigue

Energy shot ideal as treatment of cure in 10 days before an important moment. Is an intensive healing antioxidant and antifadigue that contains the most powerful antioxidants ever used by Vichy laboratories.

5. Mesoestetic - Pollution defense ampoules 

This ampoules offer an effective care in protecting from oxidative agents more specific from environmental pollution. This ampoule-shaped with darkened glass ensures that the properties of the formula remain preserved over time.


As a complement, apply a cream that protect and take care of skin, according to the needs and type of the same!

1. Nuxe - Crème fraîche de beauté normal skin moisturizer

The Crème fraîche de beauté moisturizer provides 48 hours of hydration and protection against environmental aggressions while leaving the skin fresh, moisturized and with a softness and luminosity sublime!

2. Shiseido - Urban environment uv protection cream plus spf50

In this protector the UVprotection action with environmental protection for highly protected skin. In this way the skin remains healthy and protected from the various factors that cause redness, dehydration, scaling and early aging. It can be used as a make-up primer before applying the base.

3. Darphin - Intral environmental lightweight shield SPF50

This, in addition to the very high sun protection and anti-pollution action and also contains skin maker; so that your stay bright, uniform and protected throughout the day. Has the particularity of being suitable for the eye contour area, whose skin is especially thin and tends to age more quickly.

4. Caudalie - Vine[activ] 3in1 moisturizer luminosity anti-wrinkles, polution

Antiwrinkles and moisturizing care of immediate luminosity  that into the skin to a daily and indispensable protection for city skins. Protective effect proven anti-pollution until after 48 hours. Beyond anticell burn-out complex which gives protection and activation of cellular mechanisms of self-regeneration, the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides a powerful smoothing effect.

5. Clinique iD anti-pollution moisturizing jelly

A customizable moisturizer! Clinique moisturizing jam provides up to 24 hours of hydration and protection from pollution thanks to Clean-Shield technology.
To use just choose the active iD concentrate that best adheres to the needs of your skin, and each of it helps to attenuate several factors resulting from a skin exposed to pollution such as fatigue, irritation and irregular texture for example.


And because even at the end, for a healthier look, there are some products that will enhance the skin while providing a protective shield. This is our selection:

1. Lancôme - Skin feels good cream perfecting tez spf23

A foundation enriched with moringa and hyaluronic acid that helps moisturize and keep the skin protected from free and polluting radicals.
The oil-free formula leaves a smooth and radiant skin without clog pores.

2. Galenic - Aqua urban anti-pollution shield mist 

The mist of the Aqua urban range reinforces hydration and skin protection during the day. The ultra-thin and fresh texture turns this in a perfect product to reapply during all day even after make-up.

3. Shiseido - Waso color-smart spf30 day moisturizer oil-free 

Extremely practical care leaves skin perfectly hydrated and matified, without however remove the luminosity that is characteristic of a healthy skin. Ensures a protected skin and radiant, without excessive brightness with Sun protection factor 30, which allows you to hide behind the skin cells of the harmful radiation; as well as an antioxidant that protects these same cells from free radicals that may form.

4. Institut Esthederm - City protect spray protector city against daily aggressions

A spray that offers global protection thanks to its Global Cellular Protection technology that fights photo-ageing, protects skin collagen and enhances skin resistance to urban stress and light.

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