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Pregnancy & Breastfeeding: Safe Skincare Products

09 August 2022

There are many doubts regarding products that can be used during the phases of pregnancy and/or breastfeeding on a woman's life. That's why today we tell you everything you need to know about your beauty routine during any of those!


Because to want what is best for the baby doesn't mean compromising you health and beauty  check what products should avoid; as well as some others that we are sure you will love it!

Cosmetic products pass into the bloodstream?

No! These products are intended only for topical application, therefore being authorized to be used by everyone; except when the brand doesn't recommend them to be used by specific groups of people; such as infants, children; pregnant or women who are breastfeeding.

Which products and ingredients that should I be aware of?

Although it is not proven that some of these ingredients may cause adverse effects to the baby or the mother when used during pregnancy or breastfeeding; some of them may be avoided or reduced as a matter of precaution:

  • The retinoids, such as retinol or retinaldehide may be avoided during pregnancy as it was demonstrated that the oral medicines containing retinoids (not the cosmetic ingredients applied to the surface of the skin) may be harmful to the development of the fetus. Therefore, during this phase you can contact our team in order to meet the most suitable alternatives for your specific case. During the breastfeeding period, you should not have any fear when using products containing these ingredients.
  • Although they can be very helpful at this stage in which the skin tends to aquire dark spots, the exfoliating acids in high concentrations are not indicated during pregnancy; since the skin tends to be more appreciative, irritating more easily. Accordingly, it is recommended the exchange these products by softer alternatives, which can be suggested by our team; as well as in the next section of this publication.
  • The ingredients that stimulate blood circukation, generating heat after the application; require a careful washing of hands after use, especially after birth. This is because these ingredients may be irritating to the baby's skin, which tends to be more sensitive.
  • All products applied with the purpose of healing thr nipple should be removed before breastfeeding; with the exception of lanolin, which can be used safely.

What you can't I miss in my beauty routine?

Special stages require special care, right?

Thinking about your needs, SweetCare prepared a selection of products adapted for pregnancy and breastfeeding:



The belly will grow faster than you can imagine, and for this it is necessary to take care of your skin in order to avoid the development of stretch marks! The Woman ISDIN anti-stretch gel was thought to that, providing a repairing and moisturizing action that will help with skin distention. To take care of your daily hygiene, this stage also has a greater importance; and the Eucerin lotion ph 4.5 is one of our favorite products', which is why we are sure you will love it!

At the same time as the belly grows, your legs are also more tired and heavy; since the blood circulation may also be compromised.


The Clarins tired legs energizing emulsion has not only a delicious smell, but it also helps to refresh and relax your legs! It's the ideal product to perform a massage, and it also contains nourishing oils that leave your skin soft and moisturized.

Since you don't want to use high exfoliating acid concentrations, Lierac has a very interesting option to prevent the appearance of dark spots during pregnancy, while it mitigates existing pigmentation.

Lumilogie concentrate contains a day concentrate with vitamins E and B3 (niacinamide); and a night concentrate with 7 hydroxyacids in small concentrations (glycolic acid, salicylic, lactic, pyruvic of white flowers, citric, malic acid and tartaric acid).

For those who only seek to maintain the skin brightness, without neglecting moisturization; the C-vit radiance luminous fluid from Sesderma is also an excellent choice!



After birth, your days will be certainly more agitated; but you shouldn't provide less attention to your daily routine by no means!

And so that breastfeeding becomes only a moment of pleasure, it is essential to take care of the skin from the nipple on a daily basis. For this, Medela Purelan is the solution for thousands of women all over the world!

This phase is also often synonymous with hair loss, weakness, and not every doctor will advise you to take dietary supplements. In order to take care of your hair and provide it with more volume; the DERCOS Densi-Solutions range Is an excellent choice! This lotion in particular allows you to promote hair growth.

After pregnancy, it is also natural that the skin shows loss of firmness in both breasts as in the belly. If you want to take care of this problem, Sesnatura has a firming global action that will shape your whole body!

To balance the pH of the vaginal flora, which may be compromised in this stage of your life; we suggest the Lactacyd antiseptic; that can also be used during pregnancy.


In the first months of life, moms go through many sleepless nights and intense stress that can reflect as well on the skin. To bring the beauty back to your skin, Clinique developed a system focused on pure vitamin C, which will allow you to clean and revitalize it, becoming brighter, smoother and more homogeneous.

And since we are talking about breastfeeding, we present you the most comfortable bra you can imagine! The Medela Bras are rimless, seamless and with no labels, making you feel like you are not wearing anything! You'll love to use it after pregnancy!