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Phytolastil – the anti-stretch mark reference range

17 February 2022

An iconic range from Lierac Laboratories that helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks and favors the regression of existing ones.


Unaesthetic and undesirable, stretch marks are skin lesions related to changes in the quality and organization of the dermis fibers, as a result of excessive and sudden distension and/or retraction of the skin. It affects men and women, adults or teenagers, however it has a higher incidence during pregnancy, puberty, at an accelerated stage of growth and after weight changes, when there is an abrupt weight gain or an increase in muscle mass. Not being a health problem, it is, in many situations, a reason of great aesthetic concern.

Stretch marks result from a breakdown of elastin and collagen fibers. Initially, they present as red/purple lesions, called "inflammatory" stretch marks. Over time, they take on a pearly white color. These are called installed stretch marks. The areas of the body most subject to the appearance of stretch marks are the breasts, belly, hips and thighs.



Phytolastil solution stretch mark correction concentrate

Specialists for over 40 years in the care of stretch marks, Lierac Laboratories developed the PHYTOLASTIL range to prevent them from appearing and favor their regression. The range is made up of 3 formulas highly concentrated in CHP (horsetail, climbing ivy and dandelion), a historic complex from Lierac Laboratories. This complex relaunches the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers by fibroblasts for a repairing and restructuring action.

Its formula has more than 97% of components of natural origin. Phytolastil care has undergone international clinical studies conducted with over 500 women to prove its effectiveness.



Phytolastil stretch mark prevention and treatment

Betting on prevention is always the best way to avoid stretch marks. At Lierac there could not be a better solution, Phytolastil Gel, which helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks that are often related to puberty, pregnancy and weight variations. It is a clear, perfume-free amber gel. With a restructuring action, the dermis tension is recovered and the epidermis regenerated. With 97% of components of natural origin, you can find this product in a 200ml or 400ml version. Regular application is essential to obtain a unique result and just apply once a day in the "risk" areas.

"I went through 2 pregnancies always in the company of my Phytolastil Gel. I applied it daily from the 3rd month of pregnancy and extended the use until 1 month after the birth of my children. I don't have a single stretch mark and I always kept my skin with the necessary elasticity to accompany this process of transformation of my body. I can share that I was not a thin pregnant woman, quite the contrary, and that my belly reached proportions I didn't think were possible". - Luisa Costa, Marketing Director Laboratoire Native Portugal



Phytolastil anti-stretch mark serum

If prevention was not possible and we are already talking about correction, Lierac has two proposals available, Phytolastil Soluto and Phytolastil Ampoules, with 98% and 99% of natural components, respectively. Both favor the regression of established stretch marks, without perfume and ideal in the case of puberty, pregnancy or weight variations. They are transparent amber serums. The solute with a gelled texture and the ampoules with a watery texture. With proven efficacy* by clinical studies, Phytolastil promises 2 times less visible stretch marks after 2 months of use, a 4D correction of stretch marks with regard to color, depth, length and width and less deep installed stretch marks, -64% of depth.


In a preventive or corrective action there is always a solution with Phytolastil!

*Clinical study with 38 volunteers for 56 days – bidaily application of PHYTOLASTIL Stretch Correction Concentrate – clinical evaluation.