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Pet Care

21 March 2022

The well-being and health of your pet includes the care of its fur, skin, teeth, among others. Discover the best products to give your four-legged friend a happy and active life!


Oral Hygiene

Higiene Oral

Taking care of a pet's hygiene is as important as taking care of our own because, in both cases, it is necessary to eliminate the bacterial plaque that forms on the teeth and gums to keep oral health up to date. If this hygiene is not performed, the plaques, rich in bacteria, can cause cavities, tartar, and even infections. 

Bogar's Bogadent range offers several options for performing oral hygiene for cats and dogs:

Bogadent Anti-Plaque Finger for Cat and Dog (puppies and adults) removes plaque bacteria effectively and gently through its high-tech microfibers.

With an ergonomic and functional design, Bogadent Ergo Dual Brush for Dog allows you to clean all sides of the teeth (inner and outer), especially the hard to reach rear molars.

Finally, the Bogadent silicone finger for Dog is a simple and hygienic way to remove plaque.

These brushes can be used with the Bogar toothpastes best suited for your pet.

Bogadent Dental Lipo-Gel for Cat and Dog cleans the teeth and forms a protective film on the teeth and gums so that they are always protected. Bogadent Dental Cream for Dog and Bogadent Dental Hydro-gel for Dog are yet other options to freshen breath and keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy.

Bogadent Placa-Stop Natural Powder for Cat and Dog is a powder sprinkled on wet food or dry food moistened with water that supports the maintenance of oral hygiene.

To complement oral care, Bogadent Dental Water Additive for Cat and Dog, Bogadent Dental Care Spray for Dog and the Men For San Buccal Spray for dogs and cats are essential!



Hygiene care of skin and coat

Higiene do pele e da pele

Just as we take care of our hair and skin, dogs and cats also need specific care to keep their skin and hair healthy. Dogs' and cats' skin is different from ours: it is thinner and has a different pH. Consequently, it suffers from a greater number of irritations. In addition, the vast majority of animals are protected by a thick layer of fur, which can easily become dirty or harbor parasites.

At SweetCare you will find a wide variety of products for the different needs of your pet's skin and coat, not forgetting eye and ear hygiene.

The brands Bogar and Men For San offer numerous options at bath time according to the type of coat and skin of your pet:

For simple, quick and frequent cleaning you can use Bogacare Foam Dry Shampoo for Cat and Dog and Men for San Foam Shampoo with Aloe Vera.

For frequent cleaning of your dog's face Men for San has developed the Dog Facial Cleaner.

Men for San Dog Cologne and Deodorant for Dogs and Cats leave a fresh and pleasant scent on your pet's coat.

Brushing is an essential step for the shine and health of the coat! Bogacare Dog Spray DetanglerandDog Detangler and Conditioner allow for gentle brushing.

Prevent and control otitis externa with Dog and Cat Ear Cleaner and remove dry patches in the eyes caused by the production of tear secretions with Dog and Cat Eye Cleaner.

The skin of cats and dogs is the protective barrier against various external factors, so its hydration should be promoted through Bogacare Derma Cream for Cat and Dog and for paw care should apply Bogacare Dog Paw Balm.



Parasites such as ticks and fleas should be avoided and eliminated in order to promote the health and hygiene of the animal and those around it. Men for San and Frontline have developed products to combat these parasites.

Collars, pipettes and sprays are widely used to provide extended protection and remove parasites quickly. Anti-insect shampoos can be used to prevent the appearance of parasites and eliminate them during bathing.


Food Supplements

Food supplements can improve your pet's health. Bogar has created the Bogavital line to strengthen bones and joints, reduce anxiety attacks, and help eliminate hairballs.


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