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Fragrances for him!

Find the best fragrances for him, at our store and get to know our best suggestions!


The world of scents, to find out, in our suggestions of perfumes.

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The cologne


The lighest aromas-cologne-have a lower concentration of essences and higher alcohol concentration and for a shorter duration. Still, it's a great choice, whether you prefer soft aromas and ephemeral, fresh and flowing. In this section, we suggest Gentlemen Cologne by Givenchy (1.) with a fresh scent thanks to the lemon fresh notes and bright iris. A fragrance full of vitality and freshness. Also with citrus and luminous notes, we have Allure homme sport cologne by Chanel (2.) that combines freshness with a sensual side thanks to the woody base enhanced by spicy touch.

Clinique Happy, is the proposal of happiness to the man by Clinique (3.) that remains light and vibrant in the skin, without "warm up", as with the traditional men's fragrances. A citrus and  lively combination (derived from a fruit similar to the lime, the mandarin orange and grapefruit), balanced with an evocative scent of sea breeze and lightweight woody notes.

The classics


For those who like timeless scents, marking memories and sensations, we made our selection of favorite ones!

Starting wiht this Eternity from Calvin Klein (1), a scent born of the harmony between classic and contemporary notes, resulting in water de toilette bright for modern man. 

Terre d'Hermès eau de toilette (2.) is a classic of frangrance industry, where the notes are combined in an unique way to offer an earthy and subtle fresh scent. This fragrance was awarded with FiFi Award Fragrance of the year Men's Luxe in 2007, this is like an Oscar of perfumery world.
Bleu de chanel (3.) is a heady aroma of Chanel House that defies all the conventions and resists to the expected to find satisfaction in the thrill of the surprise and the unexpected.
For men with a refined aesthetic sense and an exquisite taste in fashion, with a personal touch, CH by Carolina Herrera (4) fits like a glove. This is a mix between the classical tradition and contemporary innovation, a fresh spiced fragrance, which expresses and interprets the man who uses it!

The fresh

The fresh scents are always a great choice for those who enjoy citrus, green and organic outdoor environments.

After a gym class and a refreshing shower, complete your beauty routine with this aquafitness of Biotherm Homme (1.), a full body fragrance enriched with sea water that ensures ocean energy incorporated in a single revitalizing fragrance.
To share with her,  Cologne come together by Thierry Mugler (2.) is one of a collection with different colognes for different moods that can be mixed. The Jean marie farina fresh water from Roger Gallet (3.) is also a universal fragrance, full of freshness that recalls the clear waters of the Mediterranean, the lemon and the orange trees that revel in the Sun, and the irresistible aromas drifting by these Italian gardens.
For a fragrance with personality, Sauvage eau de toilette for men from Dior  (4.) is a fresh and determined composition, dictated by a name that sounds like a manifesto. François Demachy, Dior Designer, Perfumer wanted to create a fragrance only: born between brutality and nobility.


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$ 41.27

Aquafitness eau de toilette 100ml - Biotherm Homme

Biotherm Homme - Homme aquafitness eau de toilette

Bleu de chanel eau de toilette for men 50ml
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Bleu de chanel eau de toilette for men 50ml - Chanel

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