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January's news at sweetcare

A new year just started and the news just arrived! Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler, Kérastase among others. Meet the news that can jump directly to your beauty routine!



The new of Skinceuticals (1.)  Glycolic Renewal cleansing gel promises to regenerate and brighten the skin with its gel-foam texture.  Erborian launches the the (2.) retexturizing mask, milk & peel that promises a new skin effect in just 5 minutes.
Another new of the brand is (3.) Black Cleansing Makeup Oil with activated charcoal that promises remove make-up and cleanse skin gently and effectively.






For a deeply purified skin, Filorga launches (4.) Scrub & Detox with a foam and very lightweight texture.






It seems that the great trend in this trimester is enhance the luminosity and the effect of new skin. Bioderma also launches its (5.) PigmentBio Night Renewer that promises to increase cell renewal and collagen production.






Clarins has also reforced its response to skins, especially the mature ones, which are looking for revitalizating, nourishing and luminosity with the (6.) Nutri-Lumière range.






In addition to the luminosity, lifting seems to be another of "concerns trend" in this new year.

Collistar launches the new line (7.) Lift HD for concerns related to loss of firmness and density, helping to defined and redesigned the face contours.  Institut Esthederm completed the lifting solutions with the (8.) Lift Repair mask,with an immediate tensioning effect and the complementary (9.) Lift Repair eye patches.

CollistarCollistarCollistarInstitut EsthedermInstitut Esthederm





Neostrata also reinforces its range with (10.) Skin Active with a tri-therapy lifting serum that promotes skin uniformity.






SVR ampoules follow the recent trend on personalized care by with concentrates of different vitamins:






Hair Care

Kérastase has just released the range (14.) Genesis. This line includes two shampoos (one moisturizer and another nourishing), serum, mask, conditioner, ampoules and thermoprotective fluid, to help in fortification of the hair and minimizesthe hair loss in any stage, from light to advanced.









A new year with new scents!

Yves Saint Laurent launches (15.) Black Opium Neon Eau de Parfum , with the same sensual trace but more energizing and vibrant version with the addition of the dragon fruit note.

Yves Saint LaurentYves Saint Laurent





With the approaching Valentine's Day, Armani arrives with the new version of the duos (16.) In love with You Freeze and (17.) Stronger with You Freeze with a cooler and more renewed intensity.

Giorgio ArmaniGiorgio ArmaniGiorgio ArmaniGiorgio Armani





Thierry Mugler comes up with (18.) Alien Man to impersonate male luminosity in a rechargeable bottle.

Thierry MuglerThierry MuglerThierry MuglerThierry Mugler


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Black opium eau parfum neon 75ml - Yves Saint Laurent

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