20 January 2017

Sweet january : beauty news!

With the beginning of the year, beauty news have landed at our store! Want to know which ones? Make us a visit!


The beginning of the year is always a time of  new resolutions!
We've done ours, have you seen? (see our article on the best resolutions to 2017). Well, to treat our health and beauty, nothing better than following the news that the brands bring us, not only significant improvements in some products, but also complete lines which enrich, even more, the ranges that we offer at our store.
So, in January, a month full of good things for you, get to know the most important releases at sweetcare.


1. Skinceuticals - Hyaluronic acid intensifier correcting serum
A daily care, that enhance the effect of the antioxidant products. This product, seek to counter the lack of density, volume and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
The serum contains 1.3% Intensifier H.A. of hyaluronic acid in its composition, to fill the skin and redefine the be outlines, but also, 10% Pro-Xylane that stimulates cell renewal and give elasticity and tonicity of the skin.

2. Bioderma - Cleansing gel with soothing action for sensitive skin
Heat sensation, appearance of difused or localized  redness, tingling and stinging, are characteristic symptoms of sensitive skin that easily becomes dehydrated. Depending on the magnitude, and skin sensitivity phase, Bioderma developed Sensibio line, which proposes combinations of effective active ingredients, with appropriate textures for each skin type. Sensibio line is formulated with patented Toléridine® complex that acts immediately and permanently against inflammation, increasing skin tolerance. The line has now a novelty, with this mild cleansing gel and wich contains natural patented complex DAF, which acts on cutaneous inflammation making the skin less reactive.
In addition, this gel is enriched with coconut glucoside/glyceryl oleate, that mimics the structural lipids of the skin, and thus rehidrata for cleaning.

3. Depuralina - Depuralina rapid for integrated weight loss
Depuralina Rapid  was created to give "that little push" to whom fight against excess weight, helping accelerate the whole process, with no added sugar, gluten or dairy free and suitable for diabetics.
Is a product that helps in the reduction of abdominal fat and hip, weight and BMI, since the ingredients have been carefully selected.

4. La Roche Posay-Serozinc zinc sulfate solution purifying and soothing
A long-awaited product at our market, since this water has an astringent action, but is also soothing, moisturizing, soothing and refreshing.
Mattifying for oily skin, and calming for all skin types, is especially designed for oily and acne-prone skin, but can be used as mist moisturizer for all skin types, before the application of serum or cream.
In addition, this solution has a calming and soothing action, which causes can be used even in the most sensitive skins, in situations of: redness and skin irritation; baby diaper rash, after cleaning; Razor cuts.
Their simple formula only contains water, sodium chloride (0.75%) and zinc sulfate (0.10%).




New year, new life and Clarins took this same principle to the letter, presenting us with a massive release of news, and good ones!
Déesàlterant line was reformed and now we have the Hydra-Essentiel to bridge the need for hydration of all the skins, as they are care specially formulated to increase the ability of the skin to retain moisture so skin stays perfectly radiant and hydrated!

1. and 2. Clarins Hydra-essentiel Moisturizes quenches silky cream normal to dry skin (withoutand with spf15)
A luxurious daily protection! Nutritional care for your skin to be comfortable and protected, ready to face the day! Hydration and protection, every day!

3. Clarins Cooling gel moisturizes quenches normal to combination skin
For all women of all ages with a normal to combination skin, this product matifies and moisturize, to restore skin's luminosity! 

4. Clarins - Moisturizes quenches rich cream very dry skin
The formulation of this cream provides a splash of water to the skin to offset all the loss of nutrition that your skin suffers during the day due to the aggression of external agents such as sudden changes in temperature, and pollution. Restores comfort and luminosity  to very dry skins, alleviating the feeling of tightness and irritations.

5. Clarins - Hydra essentiel milky lotion normal to combination skin spf15
Is a light, smooth and creamy emulsion which moisturizes and protects from UV rays with SPF15.

6. Clarins - Hydra essentiel intensive moisture bi-phase serum
This SOS is a rehidratante intensive treatment for the thirsty skin, light and refreshing, which provides the necessary hydration for the full comfort of dehydrated skin by daily aggressions of abrupt changes of temperature, pollution and environmental stress.

7. Clarins - 4 colors all-in-1 pen eyes and lips
Always thinking on practicality, Clarins has launched a spectacular product. Imagine you could take eye and lip pencils, of various colors, in one compact pen!
Yes, this product already exists: practical, portable, super original, this pen will certainly simplify and diversify your makeup with 3 colors for eyes and lips in color natural Beige.

A real splash of water for your skin!




Created especially for babies, Babyses range allows you to spoil your little ones from the very first day! It is a range of skin care adapted to the most sensitive skin, and contains extracts from various plants which give all products a refreshing feel and enable the babyto enjoy every moment.

1. Sesderma - Shampoo ph tear
Babyses shampoo has been formulated to clean and protect your baby's scalp, with all of the gentleness, without causing burning eyes!
Since the pH is equivalent to tear, allows the whole family to enjoy each bath with joy and tranquility.

2. Sesderma - Moisturizing and protective body lotion
Designed to hydrate and protect your baby's delicate skin, this Babyses body moisturizing lotion, with the texture of a milk, allows you to nourish and comfort the skin with all the smoothness.
It is easy to spread when applied to the body, and has a rapid absorption, allowing you to dress the baby quickly after hydration.

3. Sesderma - Syndet bath gel freshening and soft
The Babyses shower gel allows you to clean your baby's skin daily with softness, giving you a feeling of freshness and well-being.  Can be used on the hair of the little ones, and won't burn the eyes.

4. Sesderma - Diaper cream protective and repairing
The baby's diaper area is permanently subject to changes in pH, moisture and irritating substances that can cause dermatitis.
To protect and moisturize the diaper area since the first day, the Sesderma created the diaper change Babyses cream, which is a paste of water, and so helps to protect, soothe and repair all the redness and irritation associated with this very sensitive area and assaulted.
In this way, this cream allows you to cover and protect the skin, without creating occlusion, and is extremely easy to apply and clean.

5. Sesderma - Toilet water
This water is composed of delicate floral notes, which will leave your baby's skin perfumed and fresh.



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