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Sweet september: news! [2017]

September is a month of new beginnings, so it's also the perfect time to refresh your beauty routine! Don't miss a thing!


In September, our brands have many novelties to present, and that's why we make a point that our customers are the first to meet them!



New Double Serum!(1.)
Clarins decided once again to innovate, and this year presents a new version of the already famous Double Serum! This precious anti-ageing care now contains 21 plant extracts, and among which stands out the Saffron.

The new formula allows you to reactivate the vital functions of your skin 5, preserving your youth and fixing the signs of age that can already present. Contains two phases, aqueous and oily, and is suitable for all women, regardless of age, sensitivity, skin tone or skin type; since it offers a complete response and effective against skin aging. It's texture allows to recreate the skin hydrolipidic film, adapting itself perfectly from the oily skins to dry skin.

Even Better Glow (2)
Mild to moderate coverage with a luminous finish and sun protection. This base also contains vitamin C, which boosts the natural luster of your skin and which protects it from environmental aggressions. Ideal for use on a daily basis.

The luminous pigments offer an immediate radiance, while vitamin C enhances the natural light of your skin and prevents the formation of melanin. In addition, it's FPS 15 allows you to add an additional protective layer to your sunscreen, which is especially interesting if your skin is prone to dark sptos.

Lipikar AP + stick (3.)
Atopy can manifest itself at any time, and it's not always easy to find a practical solution to comfort the skin. So, the La Roche Posay Lipikar created the AP + stick that relieves the itching and can be taken with you everywhere!



Tobacco, UV radiation, poor nutrition, pollution, Stress and fatigue, are some of the causes of oxidative stress that affects our cells, and to which we are subjected on a daily basis. These factors cause perioxidação, destruction of collagen, reducing GAGS and DNA damage that easily reveal themselves in the health of our skin.

This energy shot contains the most powerful antioxidants ever used by Vichy laboratories, focused on an invincible shot anti-fatigue!! Do a shot of ideal energy healing treatment in 10 days before an important moment.

2. Dercos - Densi solutions hair mass creator shampoo
For women who care about the loss of capillary density, Dercos shampoo  which was developed with a double action will provide better cleaning, and an illusion of having a denser hair. This allows to purify your scalp, cleaning the hair length also for hair stay perfectly cleaned and released.

Dercos - Densi solutions hair mass creator concentrated care
This lotion acts on the scalp in order to provide the best conditions for capillary growth with assets which protect the scalp and stimulate cutaneous microcirculation.

Dercos - Densi solutions balm conditioner
This balm allows more volume and thickness to your hair, leaving it soft and making the hair noticeably more crowded, being especially beneficial to all women who suffer from lack of capillary density, since your formula allows you to reinforce the structure capillary, increasing the thickness of the hair; while increasing the spacing between hair and makes them more bulky. The cream-gel texture  melts immediately in the hands, giving more shine to your hair.


1. Shiseido - Future solution lx superior radiance serum
This smooth and silky fresh serum, reduces stains and appearance of your face with an infusion of Japanese pearls.

Promotes the quality of skin, to resist the problems such as uneven skin tone, the spleen and aspect patches of pigmentation and restores essential moisture for a healthy aspect and young look.

2. Shiseido - Future solution lx eye and lip contour regenerating cream
This product confirms the contour of eyes and lips, helping to restore and extend the beauty of your skin by reducing the appearance of signs of aging. In addition, improves spleen aspect, irregular pigmentation and dark circles, for a brighter appearance.

3. Shiseido - Future solution lx extra rich cleansing foam
Inspired by a Japanese cleansing ritual, this soft foam but effectively, cleanses and purifies the skin. So while gently eliminates impurities, moisture retention still benefits, offering advanced science to your skin.


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