16 March 2023

Neutrogena® Retinol Boost

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Johnson & Johnson e Retinol – More than 30 years of history

In 1972, Johnson & Johnson launched the first topical retinol on the market, and in 1991 filed the first patent for stabilized Retinol for use in dermocosmetics. More than 30 years after this patent, Neutrogena® launches its range, Retinol Boost, whose star ingredient is, of course, Retinol.


Retinol Boost – A unique and innovative formula

Despite being the key molecule in anti-aging treatment, Retinol is widely recognized to trigger skin reactions - irritation, redness, heat sensation.

Looking for a solution that allows the perfect combination of efficacy and tolerance, Neutrogena® presents RETINOL BOOST, a range with a maximum Retinol concentration of 0.1%, which allows high tolerance - 92% of consumers reported no cases of skin irritation3.

By combining 3 highly effective ingredients, Neutrogena® has achieved a unique and well-tolerated formula. But what are the ingredients used to formulate Retinol Boost?

  • Pure Retinol: 3x greater collagen production in just one week4.
  • Myrthus Extract: Sourced from a Mediterranean bush, myrthus extract powers the effectiveness of Pure Retinol by +83%5.
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Hydrates and firms the skin.

With this combination of Pure Retinol and Myrthus Extract, Retinol Boost promises -47% reduction in wrinkles, -48% reduction in age spots, and -45% reduction in loss of radiance2.


Which products make up the Neutrogena Retinol Boost range?

For a simple and effective routine, three products have been developed:

Retinol Boost
  • Neutrogena® Retinol Boost Cream 50mL - A light, moisturizing, fast-absorbing cream that combines 0.1% Pure Retinol with Myrthus extract and hyaluronic acid. Its use promotes up to -47% wrinkle, -48% age spots and -45% loss of radiance2. With a very pleasant fragrance.
  • Neutrogena® Retinol Boost Serum 30mL - Being the product of the range with the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid, it instantly smoothes the skin. In addition to Retinol, this product has in its composition 0.05% Pure Retinol and myrthus extract. Reduces hyperpigmentation spots by -40%2. With fragrance.
  • Neutrogena® Retinol Boost Eye Cream 15mL - Because it is intended for the sensitive skin of the eye contour, this is the product of the range with the lowest concentration of Pure Retinol - 0.02%. Combined with myrthus extract and hyaluronic acid it promises to improve the appearance of the delicate skin of the eye contour area.

  The effective routine for those seeking Retinol efficacy with tolerance.

1. In vitro study, pure retinol vs. retinyl propionate
2. Evaluation performed on 39 women after application of Retinol Boost Cream 1 time per day for 8 weeks
3. Self-Assessment performed on 39 women after application of Retinol Boost Crema for 4 weeks
4. Evaluation performed on 36 women after application of Retinol Boost Cream once a day for 1 week
5. Ex vivo

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