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Much laughter, much wit

13 May 2022

Do you know laughter therapy? Maria Pimentel Valente made a report explaining what it is and what its benefits are. Laughing is the best medicine! Listen to the full story now and let yourself be "infected" by laughter!

There are those who laugh at everything, but there are also those who laugh at nothing. Laughter therapy is a technique from India that is growing more and more in Portugal. This is because our brain cannot distinguish between true and induced laughter and both have numerous benefits for physical, emotional and mental health.

Laughing activates more than 400 muscles in our body, releases feel-good substances such as endorphins and serotonin, reduces stress and anxiety, strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation, quality of sleep and digestion, stimulates creativity, and more. Still, some stigmas around this method remain rooted in society and laughing for no apparent reason remains taboo.

With the help of a laughter therapist and the first trainer of laughter leaders in the country, in this article I intend to demystify some myths and show how this therapy has already transformed many lives.


Listen to the full portuguese report HERE: