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Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Makeup

30 January 2023

Who are the women who don't enjoy wearing makeup, even if it's just to add a little sparkle to their faces? However, there are common mistakes that many of them (not just beginners) make while applying it!


The makeup process can be seen in two ways by the female gender: either quite complex or relatively easy. Truth to say, even if you want a “no makeup” makeup look, there are some musts that you should know if you want to do it right. 

Failing to prepare your skin


When we talk about “preparing” your skin, we are not only referring to the cleansing and moisturizing part. Although these are still essential, the use of a primer is what will make your skin uniform and make your makeup last longer. Primer is responsible for creating a barrier between your skin and the makeup itself, creating more adhesion and protection. Clarins developed the perfect primer - the Instant Poreless will minimize skin pores and ensure prolonged makeup wear while maintaining a smooth texture. 

Other suggestions for getting your skin ready before applying makeup:


Not wetting your makeup sponge


Ever since makeup sponges came along, many women have wanted nothing else - they have almost replaced brushes when it comes to blending foundation. But, what many don’t know, is that you should wet them before starting the blending procedure. “But why?” - the sponge absorbs very little product when it is wet, resulting in reduced waste of makeup. Furthermore, the foundation ends up spreading better and, therefore, makes the process easier. Trust us on this one: combining a makeup sponge with water will be a game changer for you.

Product suggestions to get a perfect finish using a makeup sponge:



Applying too much concealer


The dark circles under our eyes are truly a pain in the ass and have the power to lower anyone's self-esteem. In order to solve this drawback, many women tend to apply tons of concealer just praying for these dark circles to disappear. If you are one of these women, we regret to inform you - that’s not how it’s done.

Too much concealer application might result in undesirable wrinkling and, during the day, since oil tends to be formed and accumulated, these lines are likely to get worse. 

With the Even Better All-Over Concealer + Eraser and the right amount of concealer application, you’ll get rid of all the imperfections in the right way.

Other concealer suggestions for easy application:



Applying dense mascara on your bottom lashes


Mascara: undoubtedly the favorite product of many of us! Even if you are not in the mood for applying makeup, mascara is always chosen due to how easy, fast, and transforming it is. Who doesn’t love to have an enhanced and intense look? However, if you already have to be careful applying mascara on your upper lashes, on your bottom lashes you have to be even more. Let’s be honest: it’s not elegant or pretty to see the bottom eyelashes sticky and “thick”. If you want to apply mascara on that part, you have to choose a light one and, of course, never apply too much. The Sublime Lashes Mascara from Sensilis is definitely the one that will define your eyelashes and give them a soft yet unique look. 

Other suggestions for defining your lashes:


Makeup application under poor lighting


You may be asking - Isn’t it obvious? Well, for many women it is, although it happens frequently. Choosing the right lighting is one of the most important things when it comes to applying makeup since you can make sure you cover every part of your face and apply the right amount of each product. A product that does not require that much light when applying is the CC Crème à La Centella Asiatica from Erborian - its texture is similar to cream and can be spread as if was a moisturizer, leaving your skin smooth, and uniform, giving the effect of foundation. 

Other suggestions for a practical and easy makeup application: