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Glamorous lashes

Learn some tips to get a killer lashes. Luxury and smooth lashes. With...Mavala Double Cils!


Mavala Double Cils

The Mavala's Swiss Laboratories are a major reference in treatment and beauty for nails, hands and foot. Because of their innovation, Mavala's Double Cils - still concerning about beauty, the brand change the focus to the lashes, a fundamental element for face's beauty and  to highlight the eyes 

The main point? 
Luxury and smooth lashes

Double Cils gets together with some of other Sweetcare's products to treat and fortify your lashes:
- Ecrinal Gel Tonic
- Ecrinal Gel Tonic black mask 


As the health of our eyelashes depends  on how we take care of them, we remember some tips that can make a difference:
- Removing make-up eyelashes makeup remover with a specific eyes, adatado skin type (normal or sensitive) and the type of make-up (normal or waterproff).
- Removing make-up with soft gestures. We should not "rub the eyes" - after soaking a cotton disk with eye makeup remover should press it for a few seconds on the closed eyes, so that it can moisten and emulsify any make-up. Then, with the disk, make up and down movements, and up to the outer corner of the eye. Repeat as necessary until they leave make-up.
- At least at bedtime, apply a strengthening of eyelashes, which will act overnight.
- Use colored masks that have protective and restorative action. 

Our best advice:
Do not forget the treatment of your lashes and apply all of your eye's expression. 

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