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Lip herpes...and now what?

08 April 2022

Stress, overeating and too much sun or cold to the mix, are one of the ideas cocktails for the emergence of another episode of lip herpes. Learn how to avoid this.


Stress, overeating and too much sun or cold to the mix, are one of the ideas cocktails for the emergence of another episode of lip herpes.

Many of our clients contact us to know more about the best options for the treatment and prevention of infection.
Today we will make a summary of our suggestions, which does not pass through the treatment of herpes, because this is not possible but, on the episode of control we want to be short and leave few sequels.


A reference in anti-herpes adhesive bandage is the Compeed

Total Care Invisible Cold Sore Patch contains an active hydrocolloid gel technology for rapid healing and prevention of crust formation. It starts working from the first sign and continues through all stages to prevent the worsening of fever blisters.
Its unobtrusive design helps protect the fever blister and prevent social embarrassment. The patch also creates an antivirus shield to reduce the risk of contamination.

Herpatch Serum is another recent suggestion, which have a huge acceptance among consumers and has the advantage of being a liquid think. This is the best response to those who, not for nothing, "settle down" in the application of Compeed dressings.



Importantly, it's all people with cold sores know that this is a very easy contagious virus.

The contagious phase is one in which we won vesicles with liquid lip. This net is where the viral particles. Scratching his lip, stick with virus on their fingers and scratching the eye, is a hazard. Herpes can manifest itself in the eye and can progress to blindness. When we speak of ease of transmission between mother and child, this can be very important - it's hard to avoid the kisses and caresses.
By this, decrease the time and severity of lip herpes episodes and reduce the risk of contagion with the use of insulating pads and shields.