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Idôle, Lancôme

23 December 2021

Meet the new fragrance Idôle by Lancôme : the perfume of the future leaders!


The future is coming for those who dream big. A new generation of strong, fearless, powerful and conquering women.

Idôle de Lancôme

A fragrance for future leaders who dare to reach the sky and open new horizons. The new idols, our inner idôle!

Lancôme Idôle Eau de Parfum

The new fragrance ofLancômeis coming, Idôle comes with a new approach to the modern classic. The luminous and transparent bottle is the thinnest in the world, made for free women. The details in golden rose symbolizes feminine determination and the ability to discover new perspectives.

Bottle of Idôle Lancome

The olfactory notes combine the roses, a Lancôme's icon and act as a blank canvas where we can find the Jasmine flower and a chypre accord. These notes result in a fragrance from olfactive family, Cyprus Floral feminine.

Zendaya is the new Lancômeface and that personalize this new fragrance: a new approach to feminine with a more active woman, with more power and that breaks with all stereotypes. As said by itself: “I always say my idôle is my future self".

Zendaya face of Idôle Lancôme