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Lancôme, a trip to the french beauty know-how!

Lancôme is one of the most recognized beauty brands with loyal customers all around the world! But you know how it starts? Our beauty advisor, Teresa Costa share with you, a little more of the history of this french beauty brand!


The brand that has since its origin, its inspiration in the unique beauty of every woman!

La vie este belle e Advanced Génifique

Since 1935, its creator Armand Petitjean, has always wanted to praise the femininity of every woman. The 85-year-old brand stills with this inspiration and has through its research, advanced technology, with unique and winning formulas, which have passed from generation to generation until the nowadays.
Pioneer in the creation of revolutionary molecules such as Pro-xylane, a molecule capable of reconstructing the cell matrix of the skin, or more recently the discovery of Rose stem cells, so similar to those of skin regeneration, that Lancôme used to create Absolue.
Another technology, inspired by the revolutionary discovery of gene science, originated the mythical Advanced Genesis Youth Activator Concentrate, with more than 20 years of research and a patented formula until 2029, their content includes: pre and probiotics to activate and repair the skin, recovering all luminosity, the first indicator of perfect skin. A best-seller idolized worldwide!

Teint idole ultra wear

Also in makeup, Lancôme has always been revolutionary, having a foundation that combines the long-lasting, ultra resistant to lifestyle with matte effect, without transferring and without neglect a hydrated skin and protected with SPF15 - Teint Idole Ultra Wear. It has an exceptional variety of colors so that all women, regardless of the point of the globe can use it.

The lips express our smile and everything we say. L'Absolue Rouge, is the first lipstick with the famous molecule Pro-xylane, to moisturize, fill and smooth the lips, with different textures: Sheer, Cream or Mate, so you do not have to choose between color and comfort.

And because the smile expresses our happiness, Lancôme is the brand of happiness, through La Vie Est Belle. This bottle symbolizes a smile, with the unique elegance of each woman praised by the detail of the ribbon near to the spray diffusor, reminding the freedom of be happy. This packaging was originally designed by the creator of the brand, coming out of the archives for this perfume as unique as gourmand, bolding as their long-lasting on the skin.

After this short trip to the Lancôme Universe it is time to introduce you to some routines that will make your skin happier:

The skin is combination to oily, needs to reduce appearance of pores, wrinkles and even the skin tone?

Lancôme Visionnaire fluid provides in one gesture, the three benefits of the product applied in the morning across the face and neck.

Because your staring is unique, the eye area has to be treated with a specially formulated texture, Lancôme Visionnaire advanced multi-correction eye balm features a balm texture with moisturizing action and slightly yellow color to neutralize dark circles and luminous to immediately brighten your look!

For all skin types that have as top priority wrinkle straightening and intensive treatment of blemishes

Lancôme visionnaire crescendo

At the morning start the routine with Lancôme Advanced Génifique youth activator serum. This product that activates and repairs the youth of the skin was recently renewed, for a redoubled effectiveness!
After this, apply as treatment day Lancôme Rénergie multi lift ultra cream spf20, a new treatment that in a single gesture smoothes, reaffirms and even the skin tone, avoiding the appearance of dark spots thanks to the extract of flaxseed Prolifting! It also has SPF 20 associated. I recommend you to apply it all over your face and neck.

As an eye treatment, the we recommend once again the Lancôme Visionnaire advanced multi-correction eye balm that provides a noticeably more repaired, uniform and luminous eye contour.
As an intensive treatment of 28 days, we recommend a home peelingthat acts in two phases, the Lancôme Visionnaire growing night peeling in 2 phases:
1st phase - 14 days of a progressive and gentle exfoliation;
2nd phase - 14 days of total skin renewal, leaving it free from all irregularities and promoting a new skin.

After applying this concentrate, you should apply a richer night care than usual, to a deep moisturize and feel your skin more elastic. An excellent option is Lancôme Visionnaire nuit beauty sleep perfector gel-in oil, recommended for all skins who want to see in just 7 days the skin visibly younger.

After cleansing the skin, there is the tonic that is revolutionizing the tonic segment: Lancome Tonique confort tonic lotion moisturizing dry skins, with hyaluronic acid, acacia honey and almond extract. A lotion with an ultra comfortable texture, rich as a serum that will give you an extreme hydration and luminosity.
Then the iconic Lancôme Advanced Génifique youth activator serum, with its pipette as unique as the formula, is guarantees that the ideal amount is released at each application. After applying this product the benefits of all your treatment that follow will be enhanced.

We suggest to finish with Lancôme Génifique youth activator cream combined with Lancôme Génifique youth activating eye cream as unique eye treatment for day and night.

For skins that want the most lifting effect and skin firmness

Inspired by spacial biotechnology, in which the skin loses about 46 % of firmness in zero gravity, Lancôme creates Lancôme Rénergie multi-lift spf15 for all skin types, with an unique complex, to give firmness, smoothing and reshaping the to the face contours. It acts on the supporting fibers of the skin, to promote the production and preservation of collagen and elastin. This range also has a whole routine of an intense revitalizing concentrate to use before day and night treatment, a eye creamfor day and night that when used in a complete routine, it will give you amazing results.

Can't help but try Lancôme Rénergie multi-lift mask lifting effect. This ultratensor effect mask can be used, for an immediate smoothing result, with only 10 minutes of application, or to give a lasting firmness enhancing your night treatment. It may be applied before it or if you like to feel its ultra tensor effect applied alone 2 to 3 times a week instead of your usual cream.

For skins that want all the results in a Premium treatment

Inspired by nature and sublimated by the science of laboratories Lancôme creates Lancôme Absolue light texture cream. With a formula as unique as it is effective, the entire Absolue range has in its composition precious rose oils, whose stem cells are so similar to those of the skin, with a truly exceptional regenerative power! Its velvety texture, when in contact with your skin elevates your treatment routine to a truly relaxing sensory moment. Just as Lancôme preserves nature through eco-sustainable extraction methods also the packaging is rechargeable!
Be sure to discover the Lancôme Absolue oil-serum, ultraconcentrated in oils and Pro-xylane for an intense revitalization and regeneration. To get the same benefits of this range specially designed for an integral recovery of the skin, a product formulated for your eyes: Lancôme Absolue eye contour cream.


It contains a formula with probiotics and a 360º applicator, with a pearl that massages, refreshes, smooths and immediately decongests the look. Strengthens eyelashes. Can be used before any eye cream. 

This mask contains the equivalent of half of the probiotics contained in a 30 ml pack of the Advanced Genesis serum. Single-use can use as a flash mask for an immediate beauty effect with 10-minute application, such as 20-minute brightness boost or as a deep luminosity activator with 30-minute application.

This mask applied in 10 minutes for a restful look, decongested puffiness and dark circles, attenuated wrinkles and the entire eye area visibly illuminated.
Ideal to apply after for sleepless nights, or always that you want a more luminous complexion!

If you still have any questions do not hesitate, every Wednesday, Teresa Costa will answer your questions. Contact her!

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