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Technology of excellence for visibly transformed skin

23 June 2022

Lancôme believes that happiness is the most beautiful and attractive form of beauty! Get to know the Absolue range and how its anti-aging technology revitalizes your skin.

Having the confidence of more than 80 years of knowledge, Lancômewas created for women, because everyone is unique and has their own beauty.

Lancômerevolutionizes with all its precision and excellence in technology the anti-aging segment by relaunching the Absolue range, where an exclusive set of natural rose extracts are used in a powerful concentration.

Lancôme, in all its cosmetic expertise, uses for the creation of its premium products several extraction processes - including steam distillation and an innovative green process without solvents - extracting a wide variety of active molecules from the heart of the rose. These processes are able to exquisitely capture the exceptionally potent regenerative and skin revitalizing capabilities of the rose.


lancome absolue


Combining a unique blend of natural rose extracts with Pro-Xylane™, a powerful anti-aging molecule, Absolue offers visible skin revitalization for all women, of all ages, who want to enter the world of best care with their luxury beauty routine.

Included in this range is the Absolue Serum, created with an exclusive blend of Rose Extracts. This revitalizing face serum fights the signs of aging, ensuring long-lasting hydration and leaving the skin feeling nourished. By using this serum, the skin's moisture barrier is protected and its cell renewal is enhanced, leaving it feeling comfortable and fresh.

With an eco-friendly approach to design, the Absolue Light Texture Creamis presented in a refillable bottle: an opulent golden capsule that fits into the outer bottle. This product enriched with Grand Extrait de Rose where extracts of Lancôme Rose, Damascene Rose and Centipholia Rose are included, promotes cell renewal, leaving skin softer, more supple, and comfortable. The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are diminished so that the result is smoother, younger-looking skin.

With a formula inspired by nature and sublimated to detail by science, we have Absolue Eye Contour Cream, a specific revitalizing treatment to combat the visible signs of aging.


The excellence of Absolue's technology involves those who use it in a unique sensory journey, where the reunion with a regenerated, revitalized, more radiant, luminous, firm, denser, smoother, and plumper skin is guaranteed.

The exceptional power of a Lancômeline specially conceived for a comprehensive skin recovery that responds perfectly to those who dare to embrace sophistication and excellence.