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Super fresh effaclar duo spf30

07 September 2021

Finally all the benefits of a SPF 30 sunscreen with the sensoriality of a daily care in a fresh gel-cream texture, specially created for the protection and treatment of oily skins with severe imperfections and acne marks!

La Roche Posay continues to increase it's family and we have news to share with you!

Line EFFACLAR || La Roche Posay

Effaclar is for skins between 20 and 30 years, oily and  with imperfections. Are skins with overproduction of sebum and excessive brightness, thickened at the surface, which can cause clogged pores, blackheads, bacterial development, relief and dull complexion. Are often sensitive and do not tolerate most products for "young skin with problems".

The formulations are:
-new generation of active exfoliating with strong affinity with the skin, which prevents clogged pores and reduce irregular relief
-components with antibacterial action and anti-irritant, which lowers the rashes of localised imperfections
-an agent that regulates the production of sebum from the 7th day
-a physiological ph
-textures that give comfort and are a great base for a makeup easy

NEW Effaclar duo SPF30


So, in order to complement the Effaclar care, they've launched two super new products:

1. La Roche Posay Effaclar duo spf 30-oily skin with imperfections and severe acne marks
To the best-seller, it was added key factors in preventing the formation of unsightly blemishes and acne marks. All the benefits of a Sunscreen SPF 30, with the sensuality of a daily care, in a fresh gel-cream texture.

✓ Imperfections are significantly reduced
✓ The pores are clear
✓ The skin texture is refined
✓ The brightness is controlled

2. La Roche Posay Effaclar anti-shine purification mask for oily skin
This is the first mask of La Roche Posay that frees the skin of impurities, even the invisible! A purifying action and anti-shine treatment specially developed thinking in combination skin with tendency to oily.

And for a perfect Effaclar routine, follow our tips!


Start your day, and your routine, washing the face with the Effaclar foaming and purifying gel for oily skin, as it gently cleanses oily skin, thanks to it's selection of ingredients that comply with sensitive skin. Then, a spray of the famous Serozinc, a solution rich in zinc sulfate with purifying action and quiet yet, mattify for oily skin, and to calm all skin types! (see full article on serozinc). Finally, the Effaclar duo spf 30 oily skin with imperfections and severe acne marks, with or without color, which will protect against external aggressions to reduce imperfections and a better correction of spots!


The best way to start taking care of your skin, is wiping with a suitable product, and we recommend you to do a general cleaning, in order to remove makeup, with the Water ultra micelle. With only one disc of cotton, 99%  makeup removed and  70% of eye makeup of! This water is enriched with thermal water, plus 1% glycerine, ensuring a smooth and gentle cleaning, preserving the skin barrier. In the case of skins with acne, you can opt for Effaclar purifying micellar water for oily skin, which eliminates impurities and excess sebum leaving skin clean and fresh.

To ensure a deep cleansing, Effaclar foaming and purifying gel for oily skin is the ideal product. The skin is now fresh and prepared for the Effaclar duo [+] anti-acne treatment, in order to continue the treatment. This product has anti-imperfection action.


If you wann give extra care to your skin, she will thank you and so, we recommend that, at least once a week to make a mask and the Effaclar anti-shine purification mask for oily skin is ideal! Also Serozinc, wich you can apply anytime, since it is especially targeted to oily skin and acne-prone skin, but can be used as a mist moisturizer for all skin types, before the application of serum or cream.

If you feel that your skin needs a boost of hydration, you can aplly every other day the Hydraphase intense light, formulated with hyaluronic acid fragmented, to rehydrate the skin like an infusion of water, in order to maintain optimal levels of hydration throughout the day.