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Korean beauty

31 May 2022

Whether it's skincare or makeup, all Korean brands have one goal in common: to give you absolutely perfect skin! Learn all about this new trend and the Korean brands SweetCare has to offer you.

Over the past few years, awareness of Korean beauty products and their endless wonders has increased to the point where they have become a huge trend.

But why? Let's find out!


Skin care is highly valued in Korean culture, plus they focus on prevention, making them more effective than traditional Western beauty techniques.

Korean beauty products are known for their innovation. From the textures and formulations to the packaging that not only looks great, but also allows for easier application.

Many Western beauty brands have adopted the Korean trends, such as BB creams, sheet masks, cushion compacts, essences, scrub powders and sleeping masks.


invenções coreanas


The ingredients are usually of natural origin and highly and effective. Their formulations continue to be improved to decrease the chemicals used. All this, makes Korean skincare gentler on the skin.


Let's now get to know SweetCare's Korean brands!




A brand the traditional Korean ingredients with the expertise of French cosmetics! Their formulas involve unique fruits, herbs, seed oils and plant extracts to help brighten, revive, refine, correct skin color and more!



Born from the perfect French-Korean phytocosmetic synergy, Jowaé's products are based on Lumiphenols from Sempervivum Tectorum, which are associated with the power of medicinal and traditional Asian plants recognized for their ancient virtues.

holika holika

Holika Holika

Their philosophy focuses on providing fun and practical cosmetics to enhance every woman's natural beauty. Their unique and appealing packaging allows them to attract even the youngest to take care of their skin.


the saem

The Saem

Inspired by nature, The Saem studies the culture and customs of different ethnic groups to discover new beauty secrets.


the crème shop

The Crème Shop

100% cruelty-free, The Crème Shop promises to enhance the beauty of every person with high quality, beautiful and original products.