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Kids? Take Care, Protect and Let Them Play!

07 July 2022

A special SweetBox edition for kids! Discover 6 essential products that should be part of the daily routine of the youngest! Enjoy and you already have a kit for a mini-vacation ready!


It's time for the big vacations... kids are looking forward to playing outdoors, visiting grandparents, cousins... and parents need to take advantage of the nice weather and take some family weekends too!

Let's help save time with another kit of essentials! In the SweetBox KIDS you will find the care you need for the little ones to carry in their backpacks!

SweetBox Kids

Children's skin is more sensitive and with the heat, sun, playing in the land, sea or pool it may become more intolerant and need to balance the protective barrier a little! The number of baths will increase and for this time we have chosen a cleansing care that will relieve the discomfort of dry, irritated and sensitive skin - Barral Dermaprotec Shower Cream. At the end of a quick and tepid shower, nothing like moisturizing the skin with a light-textured milk that absorbs quickly, but leaves the child's skin soft and flabby all day long!

It is very important to create oral hygiene habits in the little ones! Teach, help, let them be autonomous (but keep an eye on them!!!) and create the most diverse tools for them to enjoy the routine! And why not make this habit fun and (eco)responsible with the new toothbrush Elgydium Eco Kids and the Dental Gel Kids fresh and cherry-flavored?

The Sun is our friend... essential to life on Earth... but we have to protect ourselves from the most intense rays. Now the school vacations begin and who hasn't had to buy more than one sunscreen just for school? In our SweetBox you will find the solution that can always be in your backpack ready for the next reapplication - Àvene SPF 50 protection milk for children with a high protection and very easy to spread! As they will love it, they can always buy a bigger pack later for the rest of their family vacation!

A kit with the essential care of a child could not fail to have a restorative care! Children are everyone's delight, and also the cause of old people's headaches! Whether in the country or on the beach, having a care product like Mustela's Cicastela, which soothes and softens the irritated skin of the little ones and the naughty ones, will help to solve many a drama! 

You can always include the specific care that each child likes and needs... but we believe that we have already given a giant helping hand!

Children are our future and we must give them the best tools to know how to make the best decisions... from an early age! 

TIP!! What to pack:

1 change of clothes
1 bottle of water
1 hat
1 SweetBox KIDS