04 February 2021

Discover how to treat aged hair with kérastase



By Kérastase, exclusive for SweetCare

Concern about ageing has become increasingly relevant, and demand for anti- aging has been shooting in recent years. Women seek products that preserve their youth, in from 26 years, half the age of the previous generation. The stress that modern life entails, along with external aggressions such as pollution and sun exposure, has been the main factors for premature ageing. Like the skin, our hair and scalp need a care and a deep treatment so that we can achieve a healthy, bright and filled hair fiber.
In view of this growing concern, Kérastase identified the six dimensions that reveal the passage of time, these being: dry, sensitive and wrinkled scalp and spleen hair, fragile and weakened. The good news is that each of these dimensions is diagnosable and treatable with the new revitalizing treatment Chronologist. This range combines sensoriality with ultra-powerful ingredients in hair care that regenerates the scalp and hair. In this way, Kérastase responds to a need that had not yet been matched in the haircare market, capillary rejuvenation.



Chronologist is a complete range, composed of cleansing, treatment and protection products, which revitalize the scalp and give new life to the hair. All the experience of using this range Iconic is elevated through an unequaled aroma with fresh floral notes of rose tea, peony and magnolia. Chronologiste's ex-libris is The Universel Sérum, an ultra-powerful product enriched with caviar which encapsulates and protects the concentrate from ingredients until they are prepared to penetrate the hair fiber, ensuring maximum effectiveness.




All products in this range are enriched with a complex of ultra-powerful ingredients:



Known as the most moisturizing and most beloved ingredient in the beauty industry, hyaluronic acid gives a fill effect and revitalizes the appearance of everything you touch. Integrated into all Chronologiste formulas, hyaluronic acid hydrates in depth and relines hair fibers revitalizing dry, lifeless scalp. Leaving your hair looking healthy and rejuvenated.



Vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant, which acts as a protection against the degradation of hair fiber, as it protects the hair of external aggressors, including UV rays, pollution and radicals free. In addition, Vitamin E increases scalp elasticity and boosts circulation blood.



Abyssine is a regenerative molecule, which invigorates the hair fiber, conferring a sumptuous volume. This ingredient regenerates the vitality of the cells, offering a solution for hair damaged with the time, revitalizing each yarn for a perfect finish.


Immerse yourself in the Chronologiste range, and get a rejuvenated scalp and hair that fights action of time! Find out more here.


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