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Isdinceutics, Science At the Service of Beauty

06 May 2022

A range that guarantees a perfect combination between the performance from dermatology and the pleasure of beauty ritual from the aesthetics.


Isdinceutics has been developed to take care of the skin throughout your life. This ranges helps preventing and correcting all the signs that result both from the changes occuring in our skin and our life experiences.

Every product from this range has been formulated using exclusively active ingredients with high efficacy, thus guaranteeing a high performance that is so characteristic from ISDIN.

In this magazine we'll tell you how each from this range works on your biggest skin concerns.

Prevention and correction of aging signs

Fighting skin aging should be done in a phased and integrated way, starting by the factors that attack, and then correcting the signs that may already be installed.

Flavo-C products are composed by a serum and a box of ampoules, that were formulated to both prevent and correct skin aging.

Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals dispersed by the environment, and regenerates the vitamin E that is naturally found in our skin. This way, reduces the amount of the substances responsible for the skin aging, also preventing and delaying the appearance and aggravation of its signs.

On the other hand, vitamin C also intervenes in the metabolic process of collagen production, which is essential for skin's firmness, but also to strengthen the resistence from capillaries' wall thus avoiding the onset of telangiectasias and localized blood extravasation.


The Flavo-C serum contains vitamin C, but also the Ginkgo biloba extract that assists free radicals's neutralization. This serum maintains its stability for a period of 10h, which is a real challenge for a pure vitamin C product!

A serum with 8% Vitamin C


On the other hand, Flavo-C Ultraglican ampoules combine the anti-aging eficacy of vitamin C with the moisturizing action from ultraglicans, a combination of proteoglycans and pre-proteoglycans that stimulates hyaluronic acid production. This way, you can get an aging prevention treatment, but also a greater reinforcement of skin's firmness and the fight against the fine lines of expression, which are originated by both the loss of mositure and aging.

Ampoules that combat both aging and dehydration

A.G.E. Reverse

The A.G.E. Reverseis the latest member of Isdinceutics, working simultaneously on the preventon and correction of appearance of wrinkles, but also on the loss of brightness and firmness that are so associated with the course of time:

  • Its antipollution actionis due to EXO-P, an ingredient that forms a shield on skin's surface thus reducing free radicals' action, but also the adhesion of the pollutant particles from the atmosphere;
  • The presence of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and the Syn-Hycan tripeptide, respectively impart mositurization and increased collagen and elastin productionto the aged skin, ensuring a reshaping action, that is responsible for a firmer face, whose skin remains moisturized over a period of 12 hours;
  • The anti-glycation action is due to the presence of carnosine, which binds to glucose, thus preventing it from interacting with the collagen fibers and form advanced glycation products, AGE's.

Action against pollution, glycation and alteration of face contours


Imperfections' treatment

The skin from face may develop several imperfections, whose treatment and prevention requires specialized care.


Melaclear serum was specially developed to correct hyperpigmentation from various of sources, which may be aggravated by sun exposure, hormonal dysregulation, or following reactions to specific medications.

It contains vitamin C, whose antioxidant action protects the skin from free radicals and melanin oxidation, which is responsible for the color of dark spots.

This product includes also phytic acid, an active ingredient with exfoliating action, which allows vitamin C to penetrate better penetration, thus reinforcing its action.

A corrective serum that unifies skin tone


After filling procedures, mesotherapy, laser treatments or even surgical interventions; the skin tends to develop bruises and redness that should be prevented and treated using specialized products.

Auriderm cream was specially designed for this purpose, thanks to its patented formula with Vitamin K oxide, but also the combination of vitamins C and E that accelerate the disappearance of staining from vascular origin.

Post-surgical care that reduces erythema, bruising, and blemishes resulting from vascular damage

contorno de olhos

These are undoubtedly some of the most frequent complaints from our customers!

K-Ox Eyes eye Contour Cream reduces the appearance of bags as well as the color of dark circles, while it also acts on the signs of aging from this area,

Sodium dextran sulfate and vitamin k-oxide act respectively on the bag's volume and the purplish / brownish hue that forms on the lower eyelid, whereas hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin from this region thus smoothing the expression lines.

Tackling puffiness and dark circles at short and long-term

Costum make-up

skin drops

Skindrops is the first make-up in drops with adaptive coverage, allowing you to build it according to you needs. It works by using more or less amount of product, or even diluting it in your moisturizer. The Bronze and Sand colors are available, and they can be used as follows:

  • Using one drop allows to create a makeup foundation that perfects the complexion without the sensation of having make-up on;
  • With three drops it is possible to obtain a higher coverage, covering even scars, dark spots or tattoos;
  • Mixing one drop of Skin Drops with your regular moisturizer, you can achieve a BB cream finish