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Institut Esthederm Suncare: a Differentiating Philosophy

15 July 2022

The story we bring you today is the oldest and most distinctive of the Institut Esthederm: a unique approach to the sun!


For more than 40 years, since its founding, the Institut Esthederm has focused its research on how the skin interacts with sunlight. This investigation gave space to several scientific discoveries of great importance regarding the preservation of the skin's youth developing innovative technologies and patents. More than just sun protection these skincare products personify a moment of life in the sun, a unique pleasure!
In this way and fully aware that excessive sun exposure is as dangerous as its absence the Institut Esthederm presents a philosophy and a unique and differentiating vision about the sun:

Institut Esthederm Solaire
  • We go with the sun and never against it: essential for life on Earth! The sun brings us warmth, light, good mood, facilitates the synthesis of vitamin D and helps fight depression and certain autoimmune diseases. The Institut Esthederm takes an approach in tune with the sun and never against it.
  • Adapting the skin to the sun instead of over-protecting it: Institut Esthederm suncare objective is re-educates the skin by maximizing its tolerance to the sun while allowing a quick, long-lasting and safe tan.
  • Everyone can enjoy the sun: the brand's several years of research focused on suncare ensure that even the most sensitive and sun-intolerant skin can enjoy its benefits with maximum safety increasing its tolerance to the sun.
  • Tan is the skin's natural protection: tan is the skin's natural defense. Melanin is a pigment naturally present in our skin responsible for tans. It has an exceptional absorption of UV radiation and also protective properties against oxidative stress and DNA changes preserving all signs of photoaging.
  • Tanning without aging: the Global Cellular Protection Patent (present in all Institut Esthederm suncare products) strengthens the skin's natural defenses against external aggressions like sun radiation thanks to the anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and hydrolyzed proteins found in this respective formula that protect the skin from the entire sun spectrum authentically preventing photoaging.
  • Institut Esthederm does not communicate the SPF on its packaging because it believes this is not a sufficient indicator! The SPF only communicates the risk of sunburn and only refers to protection against UVB radiation. The brand has developed a new approach to the sun that protects the skin from the full spectrum of light. Visible and infrared lights are responsible for 50% of photoaging. UVB radiation penetrates our skin on the surface and is the reason why we tan but it also causes a lot of sunburn. On the other hand UVA radiation penetrates deeply into our skin, damages collagen and elastin fibers and alters its natural pigmentation. Therefore not communicating SPF on the packaging makes perfect sense for Institut Esthederm as a 360° protection guaranteed by our Global Cellular Protection Patent is much more valuable and protects much more than simply communicating an SPF

Institut Esthederm Suncare Triple Protection

In addition to the brand's characteristic philosophy and approach shared above, all Institut Esthederm suncare products have triple protection and not only against UVB radiation:

Institut Esthederm Solaire
    Vitamin E – 18 β Glycyrrhizic acid – Dextran sulfate – Hydrolyzed proteins

Tests show that this technology prevents dermal damage by -22% to 39% across the entire spectrum of sun radiation. 360º protection against sun radiation that stimulates the skin's natural self-defense mechanisms protecting it from the negative effects of radiation, oxidative stress, DNA damage and inflammation. In this way Institut Esthederm offer protection against the entire sun radiation spectrum – UVA, UVB, IR (Infrared) and Visible Light – whether from sunlight or artificial light without filters.

    In the orange range (safe tanning) the Adaptasun Patent optimizes, stimulates and prolongs the skin's tan (which is our skin's natural filter).
    In the white range (risk-free sun exposure) the patented technologies for every skin need: hyperpigmentation, hyperreactivity and sensitivity, skin intolerant to chemical filters.
  • EXTERNAL PROTECTION - SUN FILTERS (Chemical or Physical)
    A combination of UVA and UVB radiation neutralizing filters for optimal protection and better skin tolerance to the sun with high cosmeticity.
    This external protection ensures the neutralization of 90% of UVB rays and a UVA/UVB ratio higher than recommended by European Standards (which recommend at least 1/3 of UVA protection compared to UVB). This ratio is increased when an action that manages premature aging is added to the formula and, in fact, Institut Esthederm has a UVA=UVB ratio that is 3 times higher than recommended for Bronze Repair and Bronze Repair Sunkissed for the face. Both are anti-wrinkle and firming thanks to Institut Esthederm's Repair Technology in their composition. This patented technology stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen by the presence of gotu kola triterpenes and oligopeptides that minimize the effects caused by sun radiation mainly the action of UVA radiation responsible for photoaging. These two face suncare replace an anti-wrinkle and firming day cream whenever we use them.

How to identify suncare protection from Institut Esthederm?

At an early stage it can be confusing not to use SPF's in the brand's suncare packaging but after we internalize the great added value that the Global Cellular Protection Patent represents and it becomes extremely simple to accept it.

Thus, depending on sun protection offered different doses and types of sunscreen are combined.

In the orange range two suns on the package (**) refer to a "moderé" protection with 93% UVB filtered (use in moderate exposure in spring and summer) and three suns on the package (***) refer to is “extreme” protection with 96% UVB filtered (use in prolonged exposure, mountain, tropical climates and beach).

In the white range the protection is “haute protetion” which filters out 98% of UVB rays and can be used in all types of sun exposure throughout the year.

The Art of Tan: the three essential steps of the Institut Esthederm for the perfect tan

The Institut Esthederm has a different approach to sun exposure that is based on 3 steps:

  1. Prepare the skin, stimulate and prolong the tan – with Bronz Impulse
  2. Protect and Tan – with any of the suncare from the orange range for face (Bronz Repair or Bronz Repair Sunkissed (with color)) and body (Adaptasun Spray or Milk, L’Huile Solaire or Adaptasun Brume)
  3. Prolong your tan – with Repair Après-Soleil for face and the Prolongateur de Bronzage for body.


Institut Esthederm Solaire
  1. Prepare the skin with Bronz Impulse from Institut Esthederm
    To prepare the skin Institut Esthederm created the Bronz Impulse. It is a unique and iconic suncare of the brand, a 3 in 1 which not only prepares the skin for sun exposure but also stimulates and prolongs the tan.
    Its texture is ultra-fluid and refreshing with no oily effect and does not stain clothes. It has the characteristic fragrance of Institut Esthederm suncare and is very easy to use.

    BEFORE SUN EXPOSURE: Must be used 2 weeks before sun exposure, morning and evening.
    DURING SUN EXPOSURE: Apply the night before and 20 minutes before sun exposure. We can use it whenever we reapply on our face or body suncare during sun exposure, underneath them.
    AFTER SUN EXPOSURE: Apply daily in the morning and/or night to prolong the tan.
  2. Protect and tan your skin safely
    Any of the above mentioned Institut Esthederm skin and body suncare can be used at this point. All of them prevent photoaging and preserve the youth of skin thanks to the patented Global Cellular Protection but also by the presence of Eau Cellulaire Patent that we have already seen in a previous article and which is the heart of the brand that gives our skin cells the ideal environment to work properly preserving its youth for longer. In addition the Adaptasun Technology present in all of them which activates the skin's natural pigmentation process for a quick, long-lasting and uniform tan always preserving the quality of the skin and avoiding as much as possible the signs of photoaging. Regarding just the face suncare of the orange range these still have the Repair Technology characteristic of the Correction range of the brand so they are equally anti-wrinkle and firming with the guarantee that we protect against UVA and UVB radiation by equal (UVA=UVB). They replace our day cream whenever we use them.
  3. Extend your tan with after-sun care from Institut Esthederm
    Who doesn't love the color of their skin in summer?! It gives us that healthier and more beautiful vacation air. Preserving it has never been easier with Institut Esthederm's after-sun care. Prolongateur de Bronzage for the body with an incredibly smooth texture that leaves the skin velvety and Repair Après-Soleil for the face are the suncare choice for this effect because its formula contains anti-inflammatory action that increases the skin's tolerance to the sun, moisturizing action and Adaptasun Technology created specially for the orange range responsible for the triple action on melanin, accelerating and intensifying the tanning process in our skin. In these two products this patent is undoubtedly the main responsible for prolonging our skin's tan for longer. Pay attention only to face suncare which for this same reason becomes incompatible with a face with dark spots. However it also contains the Repair Technology (as its name suggests) which makes it anti-wrinkle and firming as was the face suncare of the orange range. In this case it replaces our night cream whenever we use it.

Additional suncare: white range and after-sun micellar shower gel

Institut Esthederm Solaire

Institut Esthederm's white range of suncare has as preferential target all skin types that want to expose themselves to the sun with maximum safety and maximum photoprotection and who are generally not interested in tanning. These are skins that for some reason have intolerance to the sun exposure or even chemical filters, hyperreactive or hypersensitive, or even with hyperpigmentation or pigment irregularities.
Photo Reverse is the brand's best seller and it is a suncare with high sun protection (98% UVB filtered) having a UVB/UVA ratio higher than European sSandards recommends. This specific suncare protect and prevent the appearance of new dark spots.
This action is due to the presence of an innovative technology that inhibits the two mechanisms of skin pigmentation: direct and indirect. That is, it inhibits the melanogenesis process (direct stimulation of melanin production in melanocytes by UVA action) – DIRECT – and the indirect mediators that are sent from keratinocytes to melanocytes (extra stimulation in the production of more melanin and, therefore, responsible by the development of dark spots on the face) – INDIRECT.
This suncare has no perfume and is water resistant. Non-comedogenic is a suncare with a creamy texture but without oily effect, which leaves a velvety touch on the skin (suitable for any skin type).
There is also the version with color, Photo Reverse Teinté, a universal shade in which the pigment used in this formula brings an added value: an additional protection against blue light.
Two other very interesting and differentiating treatments in the white range are Intolérances Solaires for the body and Into Repair for the face. The first because it is a fragrance-free body spray (not easy to find) with an ultra-fluid texture and suitable for hyperreactive and hipersensitive skin increasing its tolerance to the sun and the second because it is a sunscreen for anti-wrinkle and firming face for the same type of hyperreactive and sensitive skin, fragrance-free and it can replace the day cream during sun exposure. What this suncare has as a differentiator in its formula? Ingredients with anti-inflammatory action that naturally prevent hyperreactivity and increase the skin's tolerance to the sun and, on the other hand, a protective vaccine effect against UVA radiation since this type of radiation is that which reaches deeper layers of the skin and for this reason is often primarily responsible for triggering inflammation on the skin. This special and differentiating formulas of this suncare products gives them an extra application beyond the time of sun exposure: prepare and increase the tolerance of this type of skin to the sun using this care, in the morning and at night, 15 days before sun exposure.
Another of the brand's favorites is the illuminating powder with sun protection which can be an excellent way to reapply sunscreen 365 days a year. It has a tone that adapts well to any type and color of the complexion and a wonderful fragrance so characteristic and luxurious of Institut Esthederm's suncare!
To end the day at the beach/pool, there's nothing like using the Gelée de douche micellaire aprè-soleil, face and body, with golden particles and once again the aroma so characteristic of the brand. Eliminates sunscreens, salt, sand, chlorine, etc., leaving the skin clean, smooth, calm and hydrated. What a good way to end the day!