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How to rejuvenate mature skin in 3 steps

20 April 2022

Vichy challenges the power of time and leaves you with a promise that will make you curious: looking less aged than your biological skin in just 3 steps! Learn all about it in this article!


Did you know that looking less aged than your biological skin is no longer impossible?

It may seem like a trick question, because the truth is that we still cannot control the progression of time. However, doing something about its effects, that's another conversation. Even when the number of candles on the cakes stubbornly increases, we have figured out how to mitigate its consequences.

What happens with the passing of the years, and especially with the onset of menopause, is the emergence of a number of changes in the body typical of a new phase of life. The good news is that it depends more and more on you to manage these changes in a positive way: through routines that are increasingly healthy at all levels, including those that translate into new skin care habits. In this way, minimizing unwanted effects that declare war on firm, luminous, and plumped skin is within your reach!

So you can put all this into practice, we've prepared a simple routine of just 3 steps that will make all the difference. Take note:

How to rejuvenate mature skin using just 3 products // Daily routine for ageless skin:

Neovadiol rose dia

Morning: The day starts with that playlist that awakens your senses and puts you in a good mood. Which, we assure you, can only improve after using Neovadiol Rose Platinium day cream. It is with Neovadiol Rose Platinium that everything changes (for the better)!
We start with Neovadiol Rose Platinium Eyes, with anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles action that leaves anyone surrendered. Wrinkles are smoothed (including the popular crow's feet) and puffiness is significantly reduced. And this is extremely important because, after the age of 40, the impact of natural aging around the eye contour is one of a woman's main concerns with her skin. 

Neovadiol olhos

Want to know the formula for the amazing results, not only of this product, but of the entire Rose Platinium range? We explain: active ingredients like caffeine, which stimulates microcirculation (present only in eye care), rose pigment extract, for revitalizing skin tone, and calcium, for restoring elasticity, are some of the reasons that make this routine a daily essential. 
One more secret? In order to get the most out of Neovadiol Rose Platinium Eyes, the ideal is that, after applying, close your eyes while letting it act. Enjoy your moment of decompression to set the mood for the rest of the day in the best way!

Neovadiol Rose Platinium Noite

And at night? Before going to sleep, the good nights are with Neovadiol Rose Platinium Night

The quietness of the night invades the house and the deserved rest finally arrives. We know how to enhance it with Neovadiol Rose Platinium Night. First of all, you can fall asleep without worrying about pillow marks when you wake up, because that is one of the benefits of Neovadiol that you will notice the very next morning. 
Why does this product make all the difference? While you sleep, the night cream will revive your skin's luminosity, ensure greater elasticity and support.

But don't forget: before the night cream, you can and should apply the eye cream (without a doubt, the great ally is Neovadiol Rose Platinium Eyes) so that even during the night you continue to strengthen your skin and prevent puffiness and dark circles!


And so, skin healthy and cared for, mind freer to dedicate a few minutes to your goals and dreams before falling asleep. Make a simple list of the 3 most positive points of your day and 3 points you would like to accomplish the next day. Sweet dreams!