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How to choose the ideal gift on father's day?

14 March 2022

Have you thought how to surprise your superhero on Father's Day? If a perfume is on your wish list, our beauty expert will help you find the perfect fragrance and make it even more special by engraving a message on the bottle that will last forever!


We want to help you and so we are going to describe the perfume as if we were describing personality traits. Perfume is also an identity and so we will give tips on how to choose fragrance without actually smelling the scent.

Every perfume has its story, its inspiration, and there is nothing like sharing ideas to have the perfect link for a successful offer.

Our superheroes deserve perfumes that tell stories, perfumes that will accompany him throughout his day and share with him every moment he goes through.


Wanted from Azzaro
Representing the celebration of life with strength and boldness, bet on Wanted from Azzaro, a fragrance that has in its essence the brand's values. Formulated with notes such as cardamom, lemon, and tonka bean that represent the man who lives life to the fullest.


Acqua di Gió de Giorgio Armani
If your superhero breathes freedom and adventure and likes fresh scents, why not a fragrance like Acqua di Gió from Giorgio Armani, a timeless and striking scent composed of ingredients such as bergamot, neroli, patchouli, and wood of credro. The union between citrus and woody results in a unique fragrance, a reference in the world of perfumes that makes Acqua Di Gió a recognized best seller!


And if we continue our tour through the Armani collection, we are honored to talk to you about Code, a scent that embodies charisma, elegance, and seduction. A scent that adapts to each skin to leave each man with his own signature! An oriental woody scent composed of bergamot, cedarwood, and tonka bean, a tribute to the sophistication that is so characteristic of Giorgio Armani and a bottle that so well represents the values of the brand with inspiration in the male smoking suit.


 L´Homme from YSL
And for fathers who appreciate a woodier fragrance, a gift like  L´Homme from YSL will be a success. A charismatic and contemporary scent that captivates as soon as you feel it. Its composition includes bergamot, ginger, sandalwood, and vetiver, notes that perfectly describe a strong and determined personality.


Mark this date with affection and register the moment in the involvement of these aromas, a gift you give, a memory you will keep forever!