21 May 2021

How to balance your hair!

Discover the suggestions of Diego Pérez, René Furterer's international trainer, for your hair! All the answers for various types of scalp and hair.


Words by Diego Pérez, René Furterer's international trainer

Diego Pérez, René Furterer



I have had the honor of diagnosing more than 50,000 people around the world. My experience as a René Furterer trainer has allowed me to become more aware of how hair plays such an important role in various cultures.

But let's talk about hair! As we all know, hair is born from the scalp. All the roots' connections tell us a lot about how we are. As the designer René Furterersaid in 1957: "Beautiful hair grows from a fertile scalp, just as a plant needs a fertile soil to flourish." This wise statement awakened me to teach in different corners of the world about the use of essential oils to self-massage the scalp.

Both men and women have various concerns about possible problems with their hair. These problems can arise from hormonal changes that affect our hair, as well as external factors. The phytotherapy present in René Furtererprovides the strength and vitality that we seek for our hair, as well as the qualities of aromatherapy.

However, how many of us know these little treasures of René Furterer? The fact is that we have all questioned the efficacy of natural products versus chemicals.


Questions regarding our hair are endless. Have you ever asked yourself: "How regularly should I wash my hair?", I'll give you the answer:
the condition of our scalp may be different from the condition of our hair. If your scalp is seborrheic or oily, it is definitely best to wash your hair daily. If the hair is dry, don't hesitate to apply a leave-in treatment to nourish the hair, as well as the use of leave-in sprays.

Another very recurring question is: "My scalp is itchy and, in addition, I am losing hair. Which is the treatment for me?", I'll give you the answer:
a stressed scalp usually gets swollen. This happens because the hair treatments offered by the market are based on chemicals and work on stimulation. These cases happen very often and it is not convenient to use these products again, since you might double the irritation.

With essential oils, it is possible to balance the scalp. The performance of self-massage before washing your hair with essential oils (such as Asteraceae, Mint and Eucalyptus) should be done once or twice a week. If you suffer from dandruff, you can apply Melaleuca oil in just two applications. In the second application, you can let it act for 2 to 3 minutes. Then you can apply TRIPHASICPROGRESSIVE or REACTIONAL depending on your case. Both stimulate hair growth through natural active ingredients.


"Should I comb or brush frequently or not?"
You should always use a brush, and very often, unless your scalp is irritated.

"I feel that I get dandruff very frequently and this has become cyclical..."
This situation occurs more often than we think, and many men and women suffer in silence.



balance rene furterer

The best solution is to try to maintain the BALANCE from the roots. To do so, use these products:

  1. Pre-shampoo, scalp & hair, once a week - Astera Fresh Soothing Concentrate
  2. Exfoliate - Melaleuca - Exfoliating Gel
  3. Care treatment: Melaleuca - Oily Scalp Shampoo
  4. Daily shampoo + Express care - Astera Fresh Softening Shampoo + Astera Fresh Soothing Serum

By doing all these steps your scalp will be completely balanced and you will get a sense of relief, as if your hair breathes again. The Melaleuca essential oil is convenient to use twice a week combined with the Astera Fresh shampoo. You can apply the Astera serum whenever you feel localized itching.

"What type of hair loss do I have right now? Reactive, androgenic or both?"
If you are experiencing hair loss, it is probably progressive hair loss. When you lose hair as a whole (generalized), it's usually reactional hair loss.

"Will I end up bald like my father and grandfather?"
Not necessarily! You can use a fortifying shampoo daily as a preventive.



preventive rene furtereFor PREVENTIVE treatments use:

  1. Pre-shampoo, scalp & hair, once a week - Complexe 5
  2. Daily shampoo - Forticea Energizing Shampoo
  3. Care treatment - Forticea Energizing Lotion
  4. Complementary care - Vitalfan Reactionalor Vitalfan Progressive


To STRENGTHEN and STIMULATE your hair, essential oils and self-massages once a week will not only allow you to tone and balance oiliness before washing your hair, but also strengthen your roots.


If you use the FORTICEA shampoo and spray daily, you will increase the stimulation thanks to the Guarana extract, which is 3 times stronger than caffeine. If you wish to prevent hair loss, you can complement the treatment by taking vitamins and increase the life cycle of the hair by 3 months.


strengthening rene furterer

For STRENGTHENING treatments use:

  1. Pre-shampoo, scalp & hair, once a week - Complexe 5
  2. Daily shampoo - Triphasic Stimulating Shampoo
  3. Care treatment - Triphasic Reactional Anti Hair Loss Care
  4. Complementary care - Vitalfan Anti Hair Loss (Reactional)



maintain and potentiate rene furtererIn case you wish to MAINTAIN and POTENTIATE use:

  1. Pre-shampoo, scalp & hair, once a week - Complexe 5
  2. Daily shampoo - Triphasic Stimulating Shampoo
  3. Care treatment - Triphasic Progressive Anti Hair Loss Care
  4. Complementary care - Vitalfan Anti Hair Loss (Progressive)

Triphasic acts on 3 main problems: stimulation, balance, sebum control, densification and collagen fibers. If your scalp is sensitive, do not hesitate to use the Astera essential oil.

Which treatment is more suitable for you: PREVENTIVE or STRENGTHENING?

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