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How to get beautiful lips?

Get to know how you can get beautiful bold lips: meet all products that you'll need and all the tips!


Well-cared lips make all the difference when it comes to wearing lipstick, whatever it is the finish, with or without color! As the skin has some specific needs, whatever the option is to use or not make-up, the lips also deserve extra attention. In this post we will share with yoou all the steps, tricks, tips and products to take full advantage of this important part of your body.

1. Exfoliating

Like the skin, one of the most important steps is exfoliate appropriate product. This step is perhaps the most important, especially if you like to use lipsticks with bold colors and matte finish: it will remove the dead skin cells. The result is a smoother and more uniform surface. For this you only have to choose the favorite exfoliant, apply and massage.
Tip: According to Vogue Spain several experts recommend the use of the Foreo Issa to exfoliate the lips, thanks to the silicon bristles and sonic pulsations.





2. Repair and moisturize in depth

After the use of lipsticks with matte finish or with adverse meteorologic conditions such as temperature abrupt changes, sun and wind, the lips become dry easier and with a thightning feeling. It is necessary to repair in depth, preferably at night with nutritive balms or masks. Tip: A very nutritious balm can easily become a super moisturizing mask when used in generous quantities.

Within the moisturizers there are options in jar, stick or with applicator.

Moisturizers and labial repairers in a jar

NuxeElizabeth ArdenIsdinCaudalie




Moisturizers and repairers on stick


La Roche Posay







Moisturizers with applicator





3. Plump and more volume effect

We all like bulky and plumped lips. Nowadays thanks to the properties of some balms and lipsticks, it is possible to recreate this effect without the need to go for aesthetic medicine.

Ingredients such as collagen are part of some formulas, thus helping to fill the thin lines of the lips.

There are still others, which thanks to an icy effect or with slight bites, promote the increase of blood circulation and consequently adds more volume and define contours.






4. Apply contour and fill with color

The application of the contour is one of the tricks that get more consensus on the volume increase of lips. The contour when done slightly on the outside, allows an optical illusion of lips with more volume. For those who have difficulty in outlining the lips, one of the tricks is to apply a lipstick with plumper effect, so that the contours appear more defined and so it is easier to delineate.

Not only the lips stays with more volume, as the lipstick last longer without blurring out, fixing it. There are some lip liners for this effect without color or with universal color suitable for any applied color.

The contours can also be easier to apply defined with lipstick if applied with a specific brush for this function.

DiorClarinsDiorReal Techniques






Another trick of optical illusion, is to make a gradient, placing in the center a lighter color and blurring out, going for a darker color. At the end, apply a glossy finish to give even more volume.

LancomeEstee LauderEstee LauderDior





To finish, for more definition the ideal is to apply a concealer on the outer contour of the lips. In this way the lips seem more defined.






5. Fixation

As for the skin there are primers that allow the makeup to last longer, they exists for the lips. Some of these primers help not only to fix but smooth the lines and skin so that the result of the application becomes as perfect as possible.  The matte finish lipsticks end up being those that have a greater durability, yet give a dull look that not everyone appreciates it. In addition, they require even well-treated lips for a perfect finish besides their formulas usually up drying more the lips than the shine or creamy finishes.


Another trick for greater fixation, resulting in a semi-matte-finish, is at the end of the color application. The ideal will be to overlay a handkerchief and with a large brush with a little powder apply to the lightweight on the scarf. This step will help keep the lipstick longer too.






Now that you met all the products and tools needed for a beautiful lips, you only have to get your ideas done!

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