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The correct application order of your beauty products . day

Did you know that the application of beauty products, by the correct order, enhances its action? Get to know all of our suggestions!


Now that you know that it is very important to apply the beauty products, by the correct order, get to know our suggestions for a morning beauty routine error-proof and to achieve the perfect skin! (see article on the correct order of application of beauty products).



For cleaning, you can choose various textures, according to your skin's needs and preferences.

For washing with water, the Sesderma Hidraven foamy soap free cream is a soap-free cleansing cream which in contact with water it forms a creamy and soft foam, which removes quickly makeup from face and eyes and has moisturizing, refreshing, calming, decongestants, regenerating, and protective properties. Even for those who like to clean with water and have oily or combination skin, try Uriage Cleansing make-up remover foam for combination skin, a crystalline lotion that turns into a mousse for cleaning and gentle makeup removal.

If you want an anti-aging action and are concerned with an anti-aging routine, try the Filorga Anti-ageing micellar solution physiological cleanser and makeup remover that allows the cleansing, in one step, without the need of successive repetitions that sensitize the skin.

For sensitive and intolerant, the part of cleaning is crucial and we therefore recommend the Cetaphil sooth cleansing lotion with pH compatible with the skin, does not have animal fats, vegetables and minerals and is ideal for continuous use. Can be used without water: just apply the lotion and remove excess with a cotton or so also ideal to be used before and after aesthetic treatments, when the skin is more sensitive.



The step of toning, often neglected, it is important to reestablish the ph of your skin and prepare it for better receive the treatment products.

Can be applied with a cotton or by hand, and with slight pressure. The Dvine Grape floral water facial tonic 2 is ideal for use as a supplement to cover cleaning, since it prepares your skin to receive and enhance the action of anti-aging care applied then, allowing to get the most benefit from the formulations.

For the care of the mixed and oily skins, try Collistar Balancing toning lotion 1, an innovative two-phase formulation that combines principles that conbines special microgranulares wich absorb the sebum.

Dry skins like comfort and for them, we recommend the Caudalie Moisturizing toner face and eyes 4, enriched with moisturizing Vinolevure , this lotion is the perfect finish to a skin nourished and clean. Also love the Clarins Extra-comfort toning lotion dry/sensitive skin 3 because it contains soothing extracts of Linden, sweet almond and mango to leave your skin moisturized, toned, purified and perfectly fresh.



To enrich your routine with a specific treatment, we recommend applying a serum.  The Skinceuticals Serum 10 anti-oxidant preventive serum 3 is fluid, ultra-light and quickly absorved. Formulated with the aim to neutralize the attacks caused by free radicals, and protect the skin from the effects of harmful UVA/UVB rays, this serum prevents the signs of premature aging, and at the same time stimulates the synthesis of collagen, delaying the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evening skin complexion and uneven relief. If your concern is firmness, try Youth Lab Restoring serum wrinkles, firmness and radiance 2, an intensive revitalizing serum for the treatment of wrinkles, loss of firmness and radiance of the skin, with powerful anti-aging action that reinforces the structural components of the skin and restores its youth.

For the sensitive skin and rosacea, it is especially important the application of a soothing serum and we love the Ren Evercalm anti-redness serum 4 since it protects, restores and improves visibly the skin to look younger for longer.

For the first wrinkles, try Darphin Ideal resource wrinkle minimizing serum 1 that helps strengthen the skin's natural support network to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and reduce the appearance of large pores for a smooth skin and filled!


Eyes Cream

Eyes Cream

The eye contour is more sensitive and needs specific care. And, as in the morning is important to decongest and refresh, we recommend the Ren Vita mineral active 7 eye contour gel 2 which is a light and refreshing gel to give firmness and freshness to your look.

With a ceramic tip, for an immediate action, we recommend the Estée Lauder Idealist cooling eye illuminator reduces the look of dark circles 3, with fluid and nacreous texture to promote an incredible brightness to the eye contour, rejuvenating immediately!

For those who suffer with conversations in the morning, the Lierac Dioptigel puffiness reducing gel eye contour care1 is excellent. This gel with soothing plant extracts, draining and restructuring (Horsetail, Lion's foot and Ivy Gourd), decongests the area and give the eye a fresh air fully revitalized.

Pep-start the Clinique eye cream is a moisturizer 4 that gives immediate hydration with refreshing sensation, energizes the skin, give light and is perfect for use before makeup.

And because the zone also requires solar protection, try the Youth Lab Wrinkles erasure cream spf 10 anti aging eye contour cream 5, specifically formulated for the delicate eye area it reduces the appearance of Crow's feet, rejuvenating and enlightening the eye contour area to a younger appearance!

Face Cream


Face Cream

Passing to the care of face, which must be applied also in the neck, we recommend the Neostrata Bionica anti-wrinkle moisturising antioxidant cream 3 for being a restorative cream formulated with Polihidroxiácidos (lactobiónic acid and gluconolactone), the most advanced technology in front of skin aging, since it acts in the epidermal renewal, and neutralize free radicals.

If you care about the flabbiness and lack of firmness of your skin, try Erborian Ginseng infusion tensor effect day cream 4, a day cream "total renewal" that helps the micro circulation thanks to daily infusion of vital elements. Nourishes the epidermis restoring quickly its elasticity and vitality.

If you suffer with oily skin or acne, we love the Sesderma Salises, face moisturizing gel for acne-prone skin 1 because it is a non-greasy gel, for hydration and oily skins that treays skin with a tendency to acne. Helps regulate the secretion of oil and eliminates impurities.

For the care of dry skin, take a look at the Ren Ultra moisture day cream for dry skin 2 which is an ultra-hydrating day cream with osmotic infusion, which was specifically formulated to infuse the dried and dehydrated skins, providing a long-lasting moisturizing effect  immediately.




Absolutely mandatory, both on rainy or sunny days.  So, if you're looking to streamline the process of protecting the skin and give a healthy and beautiful glow we recommend the Isdin Fotoprotector cream color spf 50+ 4, ideal for dry skin.

For combination and oily skins, the Mesoestetic Dermatological sun protection spf50 for combination to oily skin 3 is excellent since it is ideal to complement any temporary dehydration treatment of skins that need moisture fats free products, due to its characteristics of secretion or hypersensitivity.

If you like light textures, try La Roche Posay Anthelios xl 50+ facial fluid ultra-light sun protection 5 since it is indicated for sensitive skin in the Sun, seeking an effective protection but with a smooth texture and light.

According to Skinceuticals, the most powerful anti-aging weapon is using a sunscreen and Skinceuticals Ultra facial defense spf 50 facial sunscreen 2 is excellent since it presents a high daily protection against the assaults of sun exposure, preventing the breakdown of collagen fibers induced by UV exposure.

If your concern are dark spots, check out Filorga Uv defence spf50+ anti-ageing and anti-brown spot sun care 1, a sunscreen with a high index of protection that ensures the defence of all types of skin, effectively fighting the photoaging and the photo-induced hyper pigmentation. Gives a preventive action against dark spots, because the hop extract that helps to prevent photo-induced stains and regulates the synthesis of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin coloration.

[To get to know more sunscreen products, see our article dedicated to the subject.]

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