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Dear mom!

Mother's day is coming and we have the best offers for you to pamper the one you love the most! Get to know our suggestions and exclusive products that will make your mother smile!


Mother's day is arriving!

We couldn't pass up to date without sharing our suggestions! If you are still in doubt about what the best gift, we leave you our suggestions and ideas that will surely please!
Special treats to surprise an even more special person!!


1. Martiderm - Gift set Photo-Age ampoules 30 ampoules OFFER Facial Exfoliator 50ml
These ampoules are designed for the treatment and prevention of wrinkles on the face and neck, sagging and signs of premature skin photoaging caused by excessive sun exposure and the environmental oxidative stress. A beauty care for gradual correction of wrinkles, thanks to the healing power of proteoglycans present in this innovative formulation. It also prevents the formation of new wrinkles due to the antioxidant power of pure Vitamin C (15%).

2. Foreo-Iris eye illuminator Massager
Unique design and undeniably innovative, Iris is an appliance Massager approved by ophthalmologists that reduces the visibility of Crow's feet, dark circles and bags. Thanks to the amazing T-Sonic Technology of the Imperium, Iris improves the signs of aging of the delicate eye contour area, helping to enhance the effects of your anti-aging treatment cream.

3. Foreo-electric Sonic pulse toothbrush Issa in silicone
With it's vibrant, innovative, elegant design and ergonomic, the ISSA overcomes the common  electric toothbrushes of Sonic pulse for being a device that takes care of your mouth as a whole. In addition to promoting whiter teeth and bright, ISSA is also the electric tooth brush perfect for those with sensitive teeth and gums, thanks to it's delicate and hygienic design.



1. Erborian - Ginseng day cream 50ml offer cc cream 15ml shot mask 15g + ginseng lotion 30ml 
Ginseng Infusion "total renewal" day cream helps the micro circulation thanks to a daily infusion of vital elements. Nourishes the epidermis quickly restoring its elasticity and natural vitality.

2. Roger Gallet - Rose melt-in body lotion
A fragrant milk that wrap the body in a lovely aroma of roses and almond milk that instantly transports us to an Indian garden in the heart of the palaces of Bengal.

3. Chloé - Roses of Chloé eau de toilette
A romantic, feminine and soft fragrance that captures the gentle and sweet spirit of Chloé woman. A delicious citrus wave gradually heated by a heart of essence of rose damascena. A contemporary fragrance for a mother of a forever young spirit.

4. Oh-Yeahh - Lip balm happiness daily dosage pink
A high quality lip balm that revitalizes the beauty of the lips and helps improve your mood:) Mom will surely love this daily dose of happiness! This, and a few more kisses, is certainly the ideal gift!



1. Filorga - Gift set Time-Filler Wrinkle Cream 50ml OFFER Hand Absolut Cream 50ml 
Absolute anti-aging correction cream for all types of wrinkles: Sagging Wrinkles, Dryness Wrinkles and Glabella wrinkles (between the eyebrows) are visibly reduced.  Adapted to all kinds of skin, particularly to dry skin. 

2. Shiseido Future solution lx-luxurious nourishing oil sublime
The Replenishing Treatment Oil is a product that complements the beauty ritual of the mother who cares for the beauty,in a long-term. approach. The combination of natural oils will nourish, protect and moisturize the skin by increasing the resistance to aging and decreasing the accumulated damage.

3. Estée Lauder Advanced night repair synchronized recovery complex (ii) serum
This prodigious serum promotes cellular repair process synchronization and enhances the protection of the skin. I can repair existing damage on the skin, and combat the harmful effects of aggressive agents such as UV radiation, smoking and pollution, for the neutralization of about 90% of the free radicals.



1. Caudalie - Gift set thé des vignes 50ml gift purse spray 10ml + shower gel 50ml
Is a refreshing, secret and sexy fragrance. This secret water associates the sensual notes of White Moss and neroli in the softness of the ginger liqueur and an infusion of orange flower and jasmine.

2. Ren-Moroccan rose otto bath oil Moroccan rose
Ultra-nurishing bath oil with Moroccan rose, known as the oil of the Queen of Flowers, one of the most expensive and revered essential oils in the world. This bath oil gives you relaxing properties, tranquilizers and comforting. Ideal for the mother to relax after a hectic day's work!

3. Phyto - Secret de nuit hydrating regenerating night treatment
The hair, subject to external aggressions, get rough, dull and difficult to manage. And it's at night that this whole process is naturally fought, by the natural defence systems and repair of the body. Hence the importance of applying a specific product, so that, upon waking up, gently perfumed hair, are protected, regenerated, shiny, smooth and disciplined.
This serum at night, regenerator of high hydration, with cronosferas of macadamia oil and ceramides, allows you to take advantage of the hours of sleep to regenerate in depth dry and damaged hair.

4. Erborian-Bamboo waterlock moisturizing mask
A refreshing mask developed in an enriched texture that leaves an immediate feeling of intense hydration and freshness immeasurable. The signs of fatigue are visibly reduced and the skin becomes smooth, soft, serene, the redness and irritation are stilled and replenishes their optimal levels of water.



1. Shiseido - Gift set Beauty Sleeping Mask 80ml OFFER Bag Cleansing Foam 30ml 
The ideal facial mask for a deep and revitalizing beauty sleep with an exceptional formula that brings together a full night's sleep in a small and precious bottle:

2. Mustela-maternity bag
Indispensable for the newly moms, in this case you find the following products: Nursing conform balm 30ml, Vitamin barrier cream​ 100ml, Hydra bébé body 300ml, Dermo-Lavante 500 ml, Fisiological saline and Cleansing wipes and special diaper change care.

3. Medela - Pregnancy and breastfeeding bras
An elegant and sober rimless, seamless bra and without labels for the most dear Mommy in the world!
Full opening of the cup for the contact with the skin and easy breastfeeding with all comfort for moms and babies.

4. Mustela-body soothing moisturizing balm
Balm specially created for comfort and hydration of future and recently moms to restore comfort to the skin, acts on the dehydration of the epidermis. Rich and creamy but not greasy, this moisturizer, is easily absorbed, leaving the skin smooth and not greasy.

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Thé des vignes fresh fragrance 50ml - Caudalie

Caudalie - Eau fraîche thé des vignes

  • Time-filler absolute wrinkle correction cream 50ml
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Time-filler absolute wrinkle correction cream 50ml - Filorga

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