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Frezyderm Texture Transformation

03 March 2022

Fluid-to-Powder & Cream-to-Powder! Discover a transformation of textures allied to sun protection.



We know that applying sunscreen throughout the year is essential for healthy skin.

To make its application more dynamic, Frezyderm has combined high sun protection with the global trend in cosmetology: the transformation of textures!

When applied to the skin, Fluid-to-Powder provides a unique sensory experience, through the Transforming Texture innovation, its texture is gradually transformed from a light, fluid cream to a unique powdery sensation. The same happens with Cream-to-Powder, which combines sun protection and skin care with this innovation, transforming its rich, creamy texture into a powdery sensation when it comes into contact with the skin.


In addition to the cosmetic pleasure that these Sunscreens provide, white peony extract promotes skin homeostasis, improving its hydration mechanisms, reducing transdermal water loss and reinforcing the skin barrier, thus contributing to a more hydrated and "comfortable" skin throughout the day.

The presence of white peony extract in the innovative composition of these sunscreens, make them the ideal choice for those with dry skin with rough texture, caring and protecting the skin from premature aging, while providing the benefits of vitamin D.