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The Secret to Youth: Frezyderm Super Booster Cream

28 July 2022

Did you know that you can enrich your skincare routine with 25 additional active ingredients concentrated in only 4 drops?


You can intensify the performance of the day or night cream that is part of your routine, enriching it and improving its texture with Frezyderm's Super Booster!

Frezyderm Boosters: The innovation that improves the overall appearance of the skin!

Our skin needs protection and special care due to numerous intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Frezyderm's Boosters boost your beauty routine to the next level, enhancing the effect of any daily care cream, reinforcing and enriching its formula with additional active ingredients. In addition, this care increases cellular metabolism, ensuring a better absorption of active ingredients and the overall response of the skin, improving its appearance.

Frezyderm Super Booster: with 25 active ingredients to fight the signs of aging


Due to biological aging the skin loses glycosaminoglycans, which play an important role in wrinkle repair, Super Booster replenishes them (increasing them by 183%), thus contributing to the consolidation of facial contours, reduction of expression wrinkles and increased skin density. Its formulation protects the skin against oxidative stress and evens out the complexion tone, resulting in a radiant appearance. It is thanks to FD Complex - 25, a patented formulation with 25 active ingredients, that your daily face care is enriched with antioxidant and moisturizing action, promoting skin restructuring and reducing the signs of aging by filling wrinkles from the inside. In addition to fighting the signs of aging, this care provides a unique sensory experience, thanks to its velvety texture your skin will feel softer and smoother to the touch.


The packaging of Frezyderm Super Booster maintains the quality of the product in its entirety, preventing it from coming into contact with oxygen, ensuring that there are no changes in its formulation. The dispenser contains 40 drops, and each time it is pressed it releases the equivalent of two drops. Frezyderm Super Booster should be applied all over the face in circular movements (4 drops - forehead, chin and cheeks) followed by your daily care cream or serum.

Depending on the needs of each skin, the following uses are suggested:

  • One use per day, morning or evening.
  • Two uses per day, morning and evening.