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Fresh affair – the best dry shampoo has arrived

22 November 2021

Your ultimate secret weapon for second-day hair! For post-workout touch-ups, as a blow-dry extender to prevent oily roots, or before going to bed to assure overnight oil absorption, Kérastase Fresh Affair will be your newest hair crush!

When your hair gets dirty, you don't always have to wash it. Try Fresh Affair, the new dry shampoo from Kérastase that will leave your hair fresh and with an unmatched scent!


Kérastase Fresh Affair



We believe that washing your hair is one of life's great pleasures, but in the constant struggle of the modern world, it's not always realistic to fit in a complete hair care ritual. With pollution, sweat, oils, and product residue, your hair can sometimes not feel or smell very good. Unfortunately, we don't always have the time and energy to wash and style it.


Kérastase Fresh Affair


With Fresh Affair, you can have clean, grease-free hair with a great scent in a matter of seconds and no need for a shower. It's simple, just keep it at a distance of a few centimeters and spray it at the roots. Then turn it upside down and brush gently. Et voilà! Fresh hair. With an airy, greaseless texture and roots, and a fine fragrance that lasts for 24 hours.


Kérastase Fresh Affair


Use it after the gym or before an important meeting at the end of the day. Keep it in your purse so you can use it quickly and get a burst of freshness and texture anytime. You can even use Fresh Affair as a preventative, spraying it on clean styled hair to keep grease and odors away while adding texture and movement.



Complement your hair routine with Fresh Affair, the new dry shampoo from Kérastase! Find out more here.