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New fragrances, New experiences

23 December 2021

A fragrances is so much more than just a scent, it's a signature that defines the personality of each one that can be linked to some moments or moods. Our beauty advisor shares 4 new fragrances and who knows if you find your new one. Meet all suggestions!


Talking about fragrances automatically reports to the scents, but how do you decide which one to choose?

A fragrance is much more than a perfume, it is an identity. A fragrance accompanies us throughout the day, define us and that is why we are often known for the perfume we wear. In such a wide range of choice, here are some suggestions:

Sugestões de fragrâncias para o Natal

1. Libre Eau de Parfum Intense a Floral Fougére that combines the freshness of bergamot with the elegance and subtlety of lavender. A bottle that maintains the tribute to the YSL couture inheritance adorned with the iconic timeless Yves Saint Laurent  logo brand.

2. Idole Eau de parfum Intense a tribute to the women who want to conquer, to their strength and persistence. A floral chypre fragrance, where rose, jasmine and vanilla reign.

3. Voce Viva, a fragrance that raises the voice of all women, that assures their energy and their personality. A woody floral, where the freshness of bergamot, mandarin orange and the boldness of ginger have the main role. Feminine white flowers at heart notes are combined with sophistication associated with vanilla and fine woods.

4. My Waya fragrance that invites unique encounters and experiences around the world, an authentic fragrance that focuses on nature. Excellent olfactory notes, so characteristic of the Armani house, a bouquet of white flowers associated with the tuberous note, composed of creamy and velvety facets.

Hard to choose? Why not adapt each one to a moment in your life. They are all so unique that you should leave your skin pick the best one!