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07 September 2021

Based in Sweden, FOREO was born to illuminate and facilitate your daily beauty routine, full of style! Get to know all the beauty gadgets!

Through technology, research and a vision of the future, the visionary FOREO develops solutions that become references in the beauty category.
Founded in 2013, is specialized in solutions related to beauty and well-being.

NEWS that arrived at our store!



1. Foreo-Luna go facial cleansing brush and anti-aging  for combination, normal, oily and sensitive skin
LUNA go is the perfect cosmetic device to take with you on a trip, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. With its compact size and its T-Sonic technology, you can keep your cleaning routine skin carefully anywhere, no worries.
Compact size equivalent to a disk of cotton, was specially developed to provide complete cleaning routines and anti-aging, anywhere.

T-Sonic pulses are channelled through thin filaments of silicon, which remove 99.5% of dirt and impurities, as well as waste of make-up and dead skin cells, thus improving absorption of your favorite cosmetic products.
With the exclusive Anti-aging line LUNA, LUNA go directs low frequency pulsations that leave your skin with a more youthful appearance, to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, for a firmer-looking skin and elastic.

2. Foreo-Issa play hybrid electric toothbrush
Innovative hybrid design against the plaque but also delicate with gum! Fully waterproof and coated in antibacterial silicone, this is the toothbrush where the Sonic Pulse technology is in its best ever that combines style and functionality, a battery-operated model that fits perfectly to your lifestyle.
With vibrant colors and an attractive Swedish design, is the perfect addition to your oral hygiene care routine.

3. Foreo - Issa mikro electric toothbrush children 0-5 years
Electric toothbrush for babies, which combines silicone bristles with Sonic pulses, which makes it a safe, effective and fun solution to teach children to brushing their teeth.
The electric toothbrush for babies ISSA mikro uses Sonic Pulse technology, issued through soft silicone bristles in two ways.

Brush mode: cleans teeth effectively in a manner totally non abrasive
Massage mode: performs a calming massage gums always encouraging children to form healthy habits early.


STAR product


Luna 2 and anti-aging facial cleansing brush
Designed to be a part of your daily cleaning routine, LUNA 2 provides a much deeper cleaning, tidying up, enhancing the absorption of your favorite products for skin care. Acts through low frequency pulses, which are delicately directed beyond the surface of the skin, helping to mitigate the appearance of expression lines.

The regular use not only promises to deliver an invigorated and more radiant skin from the beginning, but also establishes a foundation for a healthier aspect skin for life! The innovative facial cleansing brush and anti-aging action LUNA 2 uses T-Sonic pulses to perform a delicate scrub designed for daily use, which incorporates an anti-aging technology in your revolutionary design!

A brush consisting mainly of thin filaments for gentle cleaning, with a few filaments wider at the top of the device that can be used for a deeper cleaning.


Thanks to 8,000 beats T-Sonic that emits every minute, the facial brush on silicone LUNA provides deep cleansing and effective, but delicate. Reduces the action of time: the LUNA 2 has a smooth surface, composed of concentric silicone protrusions, which direct low frequency pulsations to regions prone to wrinkles, for a visibly smoother and firmer skin.


Cleaning product line FOREO effectively complete and perfect, the action of your devices!

1. Foreo - Cleanser for men
Specially formulated to meet the needs of male skin, cleanses and purifies, and is able to eliminate impurities and excess sebum.
To your effectiveness comes from hydrothermal minerals found in volcanic waters. The mineral nutrients eliminate pollutants accumulated on a daily basis, in addition to nourish and strengthen the skin. When used in conjunction with the appliances LUNA, the cleaning GEL for men is activated, your texture transforms and their active principles are encouraged to penetrate even deeper into the skin, maximizing  absorption and effectiveness.

2. Foreo - Night cleanser skin detox
The silky gel cleansing product FOREO Night becomes a velvety lotion that merges with a meteorite powder, for a deep cleaning that removes impurities, makeup and pollutants.
Designed to be the perfect complement of your brush LUNA, this innovative formula fits the needs of your skin in a unique sensory experience for all skin types.

3. Foreo - Day cleanser radiant skin
For use in combination with brushes LUNA, cleaning product has amazing texture like a creamy yogurt that turns into a light foam that pampers your skin clean. Designed to be the perfect complement of your brush LUNA, this innovative formula fits the needs of your skin in a unique sensory experience for all skin types.
Fruit extracts would invigorate and clean instantly, as the probiotics of yogurt moisturize and protect against external aggressions.

4. Foreo - Silicone cleansing spray
Specially formulated to cleaning and prolong the life of all your products FOREO, this practical cleaning spray can be used on all devices, which effectively removes FOREO 99.9% of bacteria and microbes present on the surface of Silicon.



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