26 February 2021

Family lockdown kit

With the whole family in lockdown, the organization can be a real challenge! We have a suggestion for a Pierre Fabre bath kit that will shorten the shower shelf and simplify your life at bath time!


Words by Ana Raquel Santos – Pharmacist and Educator – Pierre Fabre Dermo-cosmetique

Ana Raquel Santos



In a 4 or more elements family, the bathroom can become a true hygiene product showcase. If we count that, at least, each member of the family needs 2 hygiene products, we can easily have 8 or more products aligned on the bath. But, why complicate it if we can make the family routine much simpler without giving up care that guarantees the smoothness and balance of hair and skin? What products can we count on to simplify routines and make everyday life a lot easier?


Family kit aène a-derma klorane elgydium


With A-Derma Hydra-Protective Shower Gel the hygiene of fragile skin for the whole family is guaranteed. Its formula, with 93% of natural ingredients, guarantees respect for children and adults’ skin, providing smooth and soap-free hygiene, thus preventing skin dryness. Keeping true to the values ​​and identity of the A-Derma brand, this product presents a biodegradable formula, in total harmony with the environment.


And for the hair? Nothing better than an extra mild shampoo for daily hygiene of normal and delicate hair for the whole family. Klorane's Oat Milk Shampoo preserves the quality and balance of the scalp, even the most delicate. Hydrated and protected, the hair regains smoothness and flexibility, making combing easier. And the best? It doesn't sting in the eyes, so no more children’s tears!


For the father, who makes shaving a real pleasure ritual, Avène Men Shaving Foam guarantees the necessary softness for the most sensitive skin. With carefully selected active ingredients to facilitate shaving and minimize the risk of cuts, it ensures a soothing action that calms and purifies the skin. 


For supermom whose skin, even with a balanced diet and the correct water intake, has lost its natural luminosity, Avène Hydrance Rehydrating Serum is the ideal product. Its intense moisturizing action with 77% of Thermal Spring Avène Water is a real glass of water for the skin, capable of returning the comfort, softness, and elasticity necessary to eliminate the small lines of dehydration.


And what to do when, for the little ones, tooth brushing involves excessive consumption of toothpaste? Did you know that Elgydium Kids toothbrushes were designed to avoid wasting toothpaste? The central area, with different colored bristles, indicates the area where the toothpaste should be placed.


Suggested Products

Shampoo with oat milk 200ml
$ 9.31

Shampoo with oat milk 200ml - Klorane

Klorane - Shampooing au lait d'avoine

Men shaving foam 200ml
$ 11.66

Men shaving foam 200ml - Avène

Avène - Homme mousse à raser

Hydrance rehydrating serum 30ml
$ 24.24

Hydrance rehydrating serum 30ml - Avène

Avène - Hydrance intense sérum réhydratant

Kids toothpaste with grenadine flavour 1000ppm 50ml
$ 5.16

Kids toothpaste with grenadine flavour 1000ppm 50ml - Elgydium

Elgydium - Dentifrice ELGYDIUM Protection Caries Kids

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