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Enjoy a Complete Mask Treatment

06 July 2022

Designed with a combination of cutting-edge technologies, UFO leaves you with an instantly nourished, healthy glow from the very first use.


FOREO UFO is a face mask application device that allows for a home SPA treatment in just 90 seconds. It is a device that compiles 3 technologies: T-Sonic Pulsations, Term and Cryotherapy.

The 8,000 T-Sonic pulses per minute allow the effects of the active ingredients of the masks to be more easily absorbed by the skin.

Thermotherapy allows the skin to be ready to receive the ingredients of the masks. Cryotherapy contributes to reducing the appearance of pores to a firmer complexion.


In addition, the use of LED light therapy allows you to activate the particular ingredients of each mask in order to maximize treatment:

  • Green LED, gives luminosity and evens the skin tone
  • Blue LED, reduces imperfections
  • Red LED, reduces the signs of aging for a rejuvenated skin

Combining UFO with FOREO masks, activated masks with different ingredients that respond to the needs of different skin types, we have a personalized treatment in just 2 minutes.

We know that taking care of our skin is important throughout the year, but during the summer we should give it special attention. It is important to restore skin hydration by prioritizing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid in the daily routine. For this, masks like Make My Day, Coconut Oil and Green Tea are essential for a summer routine.

About UFO:

  • Hydrates: UFO treatments™ provide immediate deep hydration by increasing hydration levels by 126%, for an effect that is maintained for up to 6 hours
  • Gives luminosity and enhances: Thermotherapy and T-Sonic™ pulsations cause the active ingredients of masks to penetrate deep into the dermis for even more effective results.
  • Rejuvenates: T-Sonic™ pulsations increase microcirculation, provide nutrients and oxygen to each cell, and restore the skin to a smooth, youthful and invigorated appearance.
  • It gives firmness: Cryotherapy minimizes swelling and instantly gives firmness to the skin to effectively combat signs of age.
  • Recovers: LED light therapy helps regenerate the skin and speed up the healing process
  • Soothes: UFO™ treatments help relax facial muscles and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.