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How to Eliminate Cellulite by Summer?!

14 March 2022

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes a common concern for all women: how to eliminate cellulite by summer?! Discover the answer with ELANCYL anti-cellulite products, a pioneering brand in slimming care.


About 90%-95% of women have cellulite, a condition that results from the accumulation of fat, water and toxins in the deepest layer of the skin. The “orange-peel skin” appearance is the most obvious feature and appears mainly on the thighs, buttocks, inner part of the knees and abdomen.

There are several risk factors that may be at its origin:

Genetics: sex, ethnicity and distribution of fat nodules on the skin
Hormonal: influence of female sex hormones – estrogens
Circulatoryproblems: impaired lymphatic drainage
Lifestyleandeatinghabits: sedentary lifestyle, overweight, diet high in salt, fat and carbohydrates, low water intake, smoking, tight clothing and stress

Despite the great warning that comes with the onset of good weather, we must bear in mind that everything we do in our day-to-day, will determine the evolution or regression of cellulite. Therefore, to be successful, the following precautions must be carried out mostly throughout the year:

  • Avoid consumption of foods rich in fat, carbohydrates, salty and fried foods
  • Do not consume carbonated or alcoholic beverages
  • Drink two liters of water a day
  • Practice physical exercise regularly
  • Stop smoking
  • Do not wear tight clothes
  • Perform lymphatic drainage
  • Massage the skin with anti-cellulite and slimming products


ELANCYL presents several specific slimming solutions against unruly cellulite:



Anti-cellulite care indicated for all women who practice physical activity!

Inspired by the metabolism of athletes, MY COACH!quadruples the small daily physical efforts: climbing stairs, cycling, walking, dancing, going to the gym... all efforts count when associated with this product. MY COACH! is a gel cream that contains Tisochrysis Lutea, a microalgae capable of enhancing fat burning, mimicking the metabolism of athletes. Caffeine and ivy extract will also promote the elimination of water, toxins and fat, making the skin smoother, firmer and more toned. For best results, apply 1x/day before the period of greatest physical activity.



Anti-cellulite care suitable for all women who prefer to apply it at night!

This intensive overnight slimming product contains GP4G, a booster complex that stimulates fat destorage during the night. Its formulation is also enriched with 3D [Caffeine Complex] - Ivy, Caffeine and Salacia - which increases the degradation of fat nodules, promotes drainage and reduces tissue stiffening, one of the main factors responsible for the “orange peel skin” appearance. Enriched with Safflower Oil, it also moisturizes the skin and offers a texture that invites massage. It should ideally be applied after showering and after the skin is already dry.



Anti-cellulite care suitable for all women who prefer to apply it in the morning!

It is a care that stimulates the elimination of lipids in the morning and prevents its storage at night, releasing anti-cellulite actives at the best time of the day, so that the skin becomes visibly firmer and smoother. It is specially designed for women who are looking for a daytime anti-cellulite treatment, but who do not necessarily engage in regular sports. It has Caffeine, Cecropia, Floridzina, Salacia and Ivy – each of these ingredients acts specifically on the three factors that trigger the formation of cellulite: fat storage, fluid retention and rigidification of collagen fibers. It has a practical, pleasant and revitalizing texture, facilitating the act of massage. It should ideally be applied after showering and after the skin is already dry.