31 May 2024

Kids? Take Care, Protect and Let Them Play!

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It's time for the big vacations... kids are looking forward to playing outdoors, visiting grandparents, cousins... and parents need to take advantage of the nice weather and take some family weekends too!

Let's help save time with another kit of essentials! In the Beauty Edit Kids you will find the care you need for the little ones to carry in their backpacks!


Beauty Edit Kids

Children's skin is more sensitive and, with the heat, sun, and playtime in the dirt, sea, or pool, it can become more intolerant and need some help to rebalance the protective barrier! The number of baths will increase, and for this season, we've chosen a cleansing product, Aveeno Baby Daily Care Shower Gel, which gently cleanses and nourishes the skin and hair daily, with colloidal oatmeal and oat essence. After a quick, lukewarm shower, there's nothing like moisturizing the skin with Barral Babyprotect Moisturizing Cream, which is easy to apply and quickly absorbed, reducing dryness and rebalancing the skin's flora, protecting it.

To keep the little ones' lips always soft and hydrated, Carmex Naturally Red Fruit Lip Balm Stick is the ideal choice. This repairing balm smooths, soothes, hydrates, and softens lips with a fast-absorbing formula, ensuring immediate comfort.

The sun is our friend... essential for life on Earth... but we need to protect ourselves from the strongest rays. School holidays are starting now, and who hasn't had to buy more than one sunscreen just for school? In our Beauty Edit, you'll find  Bioderm Photoderm Mineral Fluide SPF50+ offers a feeling of comfort and extreme softness on the skin, and to ensure effective protection throughout the day you can also apply Heliocare 360º Pediatrics Stick SPF50+, a sunscreen with an ultra-light texture, easy application, and fast absorption; water, sand, and sweat-resistant.

A kit with essential childcare products wouldn't be complete without a repair cream! Children are the joy of everyone and also the cause of headaches for adults! Whether in the countryside or at the beach, always having a product like Mustela cicastela Reparing Cream on hand is essential. This cream promotes the effective repair of skin irritations and minor injuries, soothing immediately and for a long time.

You can always include the specific care products that each child likes and needs... but we believe we've already provided a giant help as big as their dreams!

Children are our future, and we must give them the best tools to make the best decisions... from an early age!!

TIP!! What to pack:

1 change of clothes
1 bottle of water
1 hat
1 Beauty Edit Kids


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