03 May 2024

Collistar, Home Spa!

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Of Italian origin, with an innovative spirit and always at the forefront of research, Collistar provides dermo-cosmetic care with exceptional results, the result of a scientific approach and the use of high technology. With a wide range of products for the face and, above all, the body, the range is very broad and covers all your skin's needs!

Shall we prepare a moment of relaxation and care at home

The pleasure of bathing

Starting with the shower or bath, and if you have time, take the opportunity to exfoliate afterwards!

If you prefer a creamy texture, go for Talasso Nourishing and Revitalizing Shower-Cream, an exclusive product that leaves the skin incredibly velvety and transforms the bath into a precious ritual of beauty and well-being for the body!


If, on the other hand, you prefer oil textures, the Firming Shower Oil will be your best ally as it gently cleanses the skin, giving it elasticity and tone.

For velvety skin, adopt the routine of exfoliating your skin once or twice a week. Talasso-Scrub Revitalizing Exfoliating Salts or Talasso-Scrub Anti-Age Salts are the Collistar products you'll want to try!  With a powerful revitalizing action, this restorative treatment for body skin uses the beneficial properties of the sea (thalassothérapie) and carefully selected essential oils (aromatherapy) to enhance the effects of exfoliation. Mix the product using the special spatula and massage into the body, paying special attention to the roughest parts (elbows, feet and knees). Apply to wet skin for a gentler exfoliation and to dry skin for a greater exfoliating action.

Attack on cellulite

The more care you give your skin, the more it will thank you, that's for sure! If you suffer from unsightly cellulite, Collistar has a wide range of products to suit your routine and the characteristics of your orange peel!


1. Anticellulite Cryo-Gel
An ultra-light, non-greasy and instantly absorbable gel in the fight against cellulite! The effectiveness of its formula is enhanced by the aromatherapeutic effects of a cocktail of pure essential oils and by the action of cold which, in accordance with the principles of cryo-cosmetics (from the Greek Kryos, cold), stimulates micro-circulation, encouraging the activity of functional ingredients.

2. Anticellulite Cryo-Gel
For the prevention and treatment of all types of cellulite, this creamy emulsion, specially developed for the treatment of imperfections caused by cellulite, combines super-concentrated thermal water and seawater with a blend of functional ingredients that have a broad spectrum of action on skin tissues. A product with a pleasant texture, quickly absorbed and non-greasy, allowing you to dress immediately after application. 


3. Anti-Celulite Draining Gel-Mud
This treatment, rich in mineral salts and active ingredients, has a powerful draining and detoxifying action, without the need to rinse. With continued treatment, imperfections are reduced, localized fat deposits and orange peel skin are less visible. The product's effectiveness is enhanced by the original mud-gel texture that wraps around the body like an invisible remodeling bodice, leaving it immediately more toned and smooth! For all types of cellulite, this body care is especially recommended in cases of fluid retention, localized adiposity and/or sagging tissues.

4. Pure Actives Anticellulite Capsules
One of Collistar's best-sellers are these capsules which combine the reducing effectiveness of Caffeine with the draining effectiveness of Escin for a shock action against the imperfections caused by cellulite.

5. Superconcentrate Draining Reshaping
This cocktail retains the active ingredients, gradually releasing them during the night, transporting a high concentration of caffeine into the deepest layers of the epidermis and enveloping the body in an invisible "remodeling wrap" that immediately makes it smoother and more compact.

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