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24 February 2022

Clinique cosmetics feature a range of products for the perfect makeup, fragrances for women and men, and complete skin and body care for women and men. Discover the history and philosophy of Clinique!



Dr. Orentreich

Fifty years ago, the landscape of the beauty world was totally different. The counters of department stores were dominated by heavily scented creams with an answer for every skin type. Allergy testing and clinical research were unheard of outside the dermatologist's office, and skin care ingredients were not as regulated - it was a tough world for skin.

Prominent New York dermatologist - Dr. Orentreich - pioneered the development of his own skin care products, custom compounded in his office. The differentiator in his formulas was what was not in them, as he considered what was just as important. He used only the most powerful and reliable ingredients that passed his rigorous allergy tests.

What they did not contain: perfume, because his research showed that besides being one of the most allergenic ingredients in cosmetics, it is not at all beneficial to the skin.

Vogue Clinique

In 1967 this new approach caught the attention of the editor of American Vogue, Carol Phillips, who invited Dr. Norman Orentreich for an interview, resulting in an article entitled "Can great skin be created?" Dr. Orentreich's answer to this question revolutionized the cosmetic industry by its boldness. Yes, anyone can have great skin regardless of their genetics (as was believed at the time). The secret was simple (but not basic) and had been his central focus for over a decade of study. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. A routine that performed 2 times a day, will reproduce incredible results on the skin. Fundamental today, but totally pioneering back then.


The creation of the Clinique brand

The article caught the attention of Leonard Lauder, CEO and son of Mrs. Estée Lauder, who decided to bring Carol Phillips and Dr. Orentreich together to bring this new concept to life in a brand. In 1968 the first cosmetic brand created by a dermatologist, fragrance-free and allergen-tested - Clinique - was born.

The original line consisted of 117 products, each created under the guidance of Dr. Orentreich's clinical formulations and allergy testing protocol. Seven of his original products are still among the brand's best sellers today.


Clinique Clean Philosoph

Today, the brand's commitment to rigorous and uncompromising allergy testing is as unwavering as it was in 1968. As ingredient research evolves, so must the products. Whenever ingredient questions arise, formulations are re-examined to ensure that we are always offering the best for the skin. Because of this ongoing practice, they have proactively removed parabens (a chemical preservative) and phthalates from all products - and of course, they are fragrance free.