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Clean Beauty & Safe Ingredients

08 March 2022

Speak of Clean Beauty is to speak of a movement in the cosmetics market that encompasses products free of controversial ingredients, that is, of substances that can somehow cause harm to the skin or the body of its users.


Speak of Clean Beauty is to speak of A-DERMA, which for 40 years has sought to use as many ingredients of natural origin, in the minimum quantity possible and has eliminated the use of controversial ingredients or of petrochemical origin (Clean & Green).

More and more the consumer wants to know the products they use, because in addition to the importance of ensuring that the substances that make up the products are not harmful, it is important to ensure that they are effective. It was this way that A-DERMA conceived the new BIOLOGY range, which besides having 99% of natural origin ingredients has the guarantee of efficacy of a dermatological range, with clinical studies performed and resulting from scientific research.

Biology Nutri

BIOLOGY is a dermatological and biological face care range. All its products are dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, are tested on allergic skin, can be used on face and eye contour and are fragrance-free. They are a guarantee of efficacy and tolerance. The BIOLOGY range also holds an organic certificate - BIO COSMOS ORGANIC - issued by Ecocert. To get this certificate it has to meet strict requirements in its formula and even in its packaging. Its active ingredient - Rhealba Oat Seedlings - is obtained through organic farming and the extraction process to obtain Rhealba Oat Seedling Sap is a patented process that is totally green, solvent-free and cold-pressed.

It has 99% natural ingredients and its packaging is recycled and recyclable.

Biology Calm

And while it's extremely important to have products with safe and effective ingredients, there is also growing consumer concern about the social and environmental impact of the products they consume. That's why we created the Green Impact Index, a transparent and easily accessible measurement tool that summarizes the impacts of a cosmetic or family health care product on society and the environment through a simple score: A, B, C or D. A and B products are eco-designed. The criteria used by the Green Impact Index are highly reliable as they are assessed by an independent body, AFNOR.   


BIOLOGY is rated A ensuring that it is also a range of products whose impact on nature and society is very positive.

Knowing deeply the products you choose to use is not a trend, it is a necessity. It is a guarantee of health, of good results, and of consuming in a more sustainable way and acting together for a better future.