02 June 2021

Clarinsmen - finally, the men can take care of himself!

Formulas that bring together the best of plant assets from the latest technological discoveries for the beauty and protection of the male face.



Words by Clarins


May the skin of men live forever!

No. 1 in Europe for luxury cosmetic products *, Clarins launched the ClarinsMen range for men in 2002. Today, it is a complete line for all men to have their own routine too!

* Source: NPD Beauty Trends®, products sold in perfumeries, prestigious brands, sales in 2019 prices from 4 countries: France, Italy, Spain (peninsula) and the United Kingdom.


The benefits of ClarinsMen

• The expertise of Clarins Research Laboratories.

• Formulas that combine the best of plants and science.

• Products adapted to men's skin that is thicker, oilier and more weakened by daily shaving.

• Light textures that merge immediately and are invisible on the skin. Non-greasy, they are quickly absorbed and very comfortable.

• Care adapted to the lives of men, easy to use in their day-to-day.


The ClarinsMen complex

The ClarinsMen complex: gymnema extract + bison herb extract (bio plant) with energizing and soothing properties, and now with red ginseng extract that stimulates and preserves the skin's energy.
The new generation anti-pollution complex helps to protect the skin from the harmful effects of pollution and helps prevent premature signs of aging. The extracts of lampsana, furcellaria and white-brown guarantee the multiple protection of the skin against stress related to pollution (discomfort, redness and tugging sensation ...).
With the ClarinsMen range, men have everything they need to take care of their skin day after day, with a complete care routine that is easy and quick to perform. In short, it is highly effective, just like them.



clarins men cleanse exfoliate


For a clean and healthy skin.
Cleanse your face in the morning and at night with the Nettoyant Visage Face Wash and exfoliate regularly to remove dead cells and prevent ingrown hairs, the Nettoyant Exfoliant Exfoliant Cream is an excellent option. Finish with a little cold water to tone your skin.



clarins men shaving


With products adapted to the beard.
Different types of beard (soft or stiffer) require different care. If necessary, prepare the skin by first softening the hair with an adapted product, like the Huile de Rasage Shave Oil. Once you have finished shaving, purify and soothe your skin with the moisturizer best suited to your needs, the Aprés-Rasage After Shave is suitable for all skin types.



clarins men strengthen revigorate tonify


Moisturize, energize and reduce the signs of aging on the face and around the eyes.
In the morning and / or evening, apply specific care to moisturize, soften and firm. To visibly revitalize the eye area, opt for the new Gel Energisant Yeux with bio red ginseng. Apply morning and evening around the eyes, from the inside to the outside.



With the Tonifying Shampooing-Douche.
Start with hot water to help you relax, then finish with some fresh water to revitalize and firm, always from the feet to the upper body. Ideal for toning!




Regardless of the product being applied, avoid pulling or stretching your skin (which can cause skin tissues to “displace”). The application according to Clarins draining pressures helps to preserve the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

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