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The best of french cosmetics, luxury brands

We have made a selection of the best products that luxury French brands have to offer. You cannot miss pinch!


French cosmetics have a complete panoply of brands that confirm the value of the tradition that it has. But the best is that you can find all the french favorite brands of pharmacy, perfumery and Institute at sweetcare in a very short distance. A mere click!

Get to know what the best Clarins,  Darphin and Lancôme have to offer you, on behalf of your beauty!


A passion for skin, an exceptional success. It all started in Paris on 15 March 1954 when Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened the first Clarins Institute with a belief that the welfare and happiness are inextricably linked to beauty. A brand that is in constant updating and innovation for the continuous improvement of the beauty care to meet the different needs of every skin type.

1. Clarins - Tonic Lotion for normal to dry skin
With the Tonic Lotion from Clarins, dry skin or sensitive stands resplendent acquiring a new luminosity and purity since the same has soothing extracts of Linden, and Chamomile to dissolve all traces of Creme Démaquillante Douce and leave skin hydrated, toned, purified and perfectly fresh.

2. Clarins Huile tonic-tonifying body oil
The fine texture of the Clarins oils allows tissues absorb them quickly, without leaving any trace of oily! No wonder they are one of the favorite products. Very fluid, penetrates immediately and does not stain. 100% made up with pure extract of plants!

3. Clarins - ressourçante Water spray
Fresh and soothing, this "Eau de Toilette" treatment provides harmony, balance and serenity. In one gesture, the scent becomes treatment and the treatment becomes the well being of the soul and mind! A must-have of this brand.

4. Clarins - Men anti-fatigue eye serum
And because the Clarins also think about male beauty, this product is wonderful to reduces dark circles and puffiness due it's draining action, restoring strength and vigor to the fragile skin around the eyes! Oh, and helps combat the first signs of ageing of the eye contour area.

5.Clarins - Pore correcting and matifying kit
A care to always have around since, throughout the day, our skin tends to reveal the appearance of pores and excess glare. This kit allows you to correct the appearance of pores and matifies your complexion anytime! This kit consists of two steps that complement its action:

Sheets of wood and pulp of hemp, which absorb sebum instantly without changing the finish of your makeup;
Post and matificantes Straighteners, whose micropearl form of gum Acacia smooth and eliminate both the pores, as the small wrinkles.




The fusion of the finest botanical ingredients with innovative technologies combined with the specialized sensory techniques ... Darphin is a brand of dermocosmetics Parisian with a wide range of care with unique and exquisite sensuality results.

1. Darphin-Intral environmental anti-pollution shield fps50
This product has a very high sun protection and anti-pollution action and also contains skin maker; so that your  complexion stays bright, uniform and protected throughout the day. This care has the particularity of being suitable for the eye contour area, whose skin is especially thin and tends to age more quickly.

2. Darphin-Lumière Essentielle oil serum illuminator
This hybrid between an oil and a serum, hydrates and illuminates even the etched skin, while promoting its hydration. Is a combination of essential oils selected carefully, with Illuminators with a crystalline serum that hydrates and renews the skin.
In every application, the two phases provide a double sensation on the skin: the light freshness of the water and the comfort of the oil.

3. Darphin - Chamomile aromatic essential oil for sensitive skin
A fantastic aromatic care that helps to protect and restore the natural splendor of sensitive skin with redness. This soft and delicate concentrate has a lightly perfumed formula that combines pure essential oils of Chamomile, Sandalwood, Sage and lavender, with Bisabol reinforces the protective barrier of the skin, reducing the appearance of redness.

4. Darphin-Intral soothing serum for skin with redness
This soothing and restorative care, highly effective for sensitive and prone to irritation, helps to ease and treat it gently.

5. Darphin - Stimulskin Plus lift renewal series
For a faster lifting effect, Darphin Stimulskin plus lift features the firming concentrate system, anti-ageing care wich allows your face to rejuvenate in 30 days! Day after day, your skin produces more collagen and the appearance of wrinkles are visibly reduced.
The effectiveness of this care is due to the PEPTILIFT COMPLEX ™, a concentrate of unique peptides which allows you to act quickly on all these signs of aging.


Lancôme is a luxurious and sophisticated fragrances and cosmetics brand, with exciting aromas and unmistakable, unique textures and pleasant. Lancôme offers a wide and varied offer of products, ensuring reliability and quality beyond reproach. A brand of luxury products of L'Oreal that conquered the world.

1. Lancôme-Miel en Mousse cleanser cleansing foam
This mousse allows  to remove your makeup and pamper your skin in a single step, thanks to the texture of honey that merges flawlessly and removes makeup and impurities. With a unique texture, becomes a soft and velvety foam that leaves your skin perfectly clean and moisturized. This contains a high concentration of Glycerin, one for dry, and still extract of acacia honey, that enriches its formula.

2. Lancome - Bi-facil make-up remover micellar water
Excellent product to start the cleaning routine and easily eliminate the makeup, impurities and waste pollution that may be deposited on the surface of your skin. Simply shake vigorously the packing, mixing the two stages, to obtain a homogeneous and powerful mixture against the make-up. In addition to being quite effective, this water does not leave any residue on the skin.

3. Lancome - Advanced genifique youth activating concentrate
Youth Activator concentrate serum skin that ensures skin visibly repaired and younger in only 7 days! As lift inside, the qualities of a young skin, are refunded: soft skin, radiant, smooth and uniform. In addition, the refined texture give the complexion a surprisingly improved grain, skin filled.

4. Lancome - Énergie De Vie Illuminating Purifying Exfoliating Mask
Enriched with lemon balm extracts, ginseng and acerola; the mask Énergie de vie can be used for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Refresh, enlighten, and exfoliate your skin with this Exfoliating mask, illuminating and purifying.

5. Lancome - Hydra zen anti-stress moisturising night cream
The exclusive Neurocalm ™ complex, composed of extracts of rose of France, Mu Dan Pi and white Acacia, to counteract the effects of emotional stress and environment on the skin, soothe and comfort your stressed and dehydrated skins. Night after night, your skin hydration and energy recharges, making it more beautiful and fresh every day!



Of the three brands of choice, these are the three best-selling products ever in our shop! And they are:

1. Darphin - Refreshing toner banana tree flower
With a fresh fragrance and without alcohol, it prepares the skin for the additional care is the best way: revitalises and tones, leaving the skin with a sense of purity and freshness.

2. Clarins - Tonic body treatment oil firming toning
Without doubt one of our favourites and our customers too! A luxurious, dense and rich oil, which helps tone the tissue, moisturize the skin and leaves a trail of wonderful aroma!

3.Lancome - Grandiôse eyelash mascara
A product that uses for the first time the "Swan-Neck" of patent applied for, together with the high precision: makeup brush that comb eyelashes from the roots and expands them perfectly, from one corner to the other of the eye.
Since the first stroke, the base of eyelashes is filled and the lashes are lined from the roots to the ends. Lashes dramatically fulfilled and of dream. We can understand the reason for the preference.


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