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24 March 2022

Caudalíe has renewed its Vinosource-Hydra now the range is more natural. Be surrendered to this feminine and delicate image.



Vinosource-Hydra line of Caudalíe has as an active ingredient, the Water Bio grape, which is extracted directly from fresh grapes. This patented plant water is rich in trace elements (potassium and calcium), has soothing and moisturizing sugars, such as thermal waters.

Thanks to its moisturizing and soothing properties, Vinosource-Hydra line is the perfect SOS care for your skin never feel dehydrated.


Grape water soothes and moisturizes the skin

Soothes, tones, refreshes and moisturizes the skin at any time of the day, in a single step.

Let give you a tip: For intensify the feeling of freshness, keep the product in the fridge.

Vinosource-hydra sos thirst quenching serum hydration

With grape Water bio and hyaluronic acid, captures water to restore the water balance of the skin, recovering softness and freshness. Apply during the day and/or night, for all skin types.

Caudalie vinoperfect

Vinosource-hydra nourishing night oil

Treatment for nourishing and relief your skin, it has 6 active oils (100% natural) and blends with the skin to nourish the epidermis in depth, repairing the skin barrier and appease the sensitive skin. In the morning, the skin appears smooth, comfortable and less reactive

At night, warm 6 drops in the palm of the hand and then massage the face and neck. Indicated for dry to very dry skin.

Vinousource moisturizing sorbet for sensitive skin

Ideal for sensitive skin who enjoy refreshing sensations! It calms and soothes instantly with lasting active mechanisms of skin hydration and reconstitutes its water supply.

Tip: for a feeling of intense freshness, keep the product in the refrigerator.

Vinosource-hydra sos intense moisturizing cream

Has a formulation with 95% ingredients of natural origin, and is especially suitable for S.O.S. situations! It will leave the skin hydrated, plumped and soothed!

Vinotherapy tip: Complete your Vinosource-Hydra routine, with the bio Grape Water - at any time of the day to soothe, refresh, hydrate!

Vinosource-hydra máscara

 Vinousource-hydra grape water gel moisturizer

The real moisturizing patch!  Instantly and long-lastingly soothes and calms, causing a refreshing sensation for combination and oily skin! Enriched with prebiotic bio Grape Water™ and bio aloe vera, strengthens the skin barrier.

Vinosource-hydra moisturizing mask

To complete the routine, nothing like a hydration bath: this mask intensely soothes and hydrates your skin, providing comfort, flexibility and softness. Should be applied twice a week.