20 July 2017

Caudalie beauty news!

Caudalie is one of the most beloved brands of all beauty addict! Get to know all the news for this summer!


Caudalie, brand founded in 1993 in France in the heart of the vineyards at the hands of Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, are well known for their releases of wonderful products that continue to be best sellers in our shop!

CAUDALIE-a treasure born of the vineyard!


*Caudalie Vinoperfect * 


After years of research,  Caudalie was able to identify the molecule responsible for luminosity: viniferine. This lends its name to the active range of anti-dark spots : Vinoperfect!

The range has gained a powerful ally in combating spots and the conquest of a luminous skin.  The Vinoperfect concentrated brightening essence allows your skin to you to prepare for the remaining range of treatment, providing you with a set of ingredients that will help to enhance the effectiveness of all precautions that apply. The formula is especially effective to enhance the treatment of pigmentation spots. Without alcohol, is adapted for sensitive skin.

Apply morning and night on clean skin using a cotton disk or with the fingertips, your serum before use.  You can use on the face and neck but should avoid the eye contour area.


So, for your dark spot removal and prevention treatment  to be complete, follow these steps.

After cleaning the skin and apply the essence Vinoperfect (1), apply the Vinoperfect radiance serum complexion correcting (2.) a light serum that not only fixes existing spots, as it prevents it's appearance ("cloth" of pregnancy, scarring stains, stains caused by age, the Sun, hormonal deregulation ...), and sublimates the flamboyance of the complexion.  This antioxidant protects your skin exceptionally against free radicals and is indicated for those who want to regain a radiant , bright and uniform complexion.

Then, at night, the Vinoperfect cell renewall night cream (3.) will be your best friend. This dark spots removal and nourishing night cream corrects existing stains, prevents it's appearance and offers a unique effect of skin renewal. Not only thins the skin and detoxifies, as guarantees fresh skin and relaxed in your wake!

In the morning, Vinoperfect day perfecting fluid anti-dark spots spf20(4.) in the version with or without color, is a broker and moisturizer that reveals the lightness of complexion instantly. Day after day, the skin is transformed: spots are attenuated, the grain of the skin is tuned, the complexion is uniform and luminous.


And to celebrate those hot summer days, nothing better than a fresh and divine fragrance! The Eau des vignes fresh fragrance (2.) is an energizing aroma but sexy where play sparkling notes of bergamot with the refinement of lily and the sensuality of white musk. To complement the aroma, adopt the Eau des vignes shower gel (1.). The perfect Ode to summer!

Charming beauty care in the fight against aging skin, born of grapes, vines, leaves and seeds!


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