17 February 2020

Suggestions to achieve a perfect look in this carnival

The inspiration goes from Veneza to Brazil, make-up and hair have an important role in the image during Carnival festivities! Meet our suggestions for get into the party mood!


In Carnival there's nothing wrong and this is the time when (almost) everything is allowed!
From a simple make-up to the most complex the most important is doing something!

Add some color!


Color is the easiest way to give a twist to the look and it can be used in a discreet way or in a most complex make-up. One of our suggestions is change the usual black eye mascara for a colorful one like the (1.) Shiseido Controlledchaos mascaraink or (2.) Yves Saint Laurent Mascara volume effet faux cils.

For an more complex look we also suggest swap the usual black eyeliner for a colorful one like the multifunction (3.) Shiseido, Kajal inkartist pencil for shadow, eyeliner and eyebrow or (4.) Dior Diorshow on the stage liner- eyeliner with felt tip. They're ideal not only to use for small details but also to give precision in more detailed works.

The palettes are some of the best options once that already combine differente colors and finishes such as mattes and shimmer for different looks. The suggestions are the (5.) Dior 5 coleurs eyeshadows and (6.) Lancôme Hypnose 5 color eye palette.


And because in these days there will be many hours of partying and fun, it is necessary to have the sure that the makeup stays flawless for as long as possible. For this we suggest the application of primer on the entire face such as the (1.) Clarins sos make up primer oil free texture or (2.) Martiderm flash ampoules. You should know that you can use Martiderm Flash ampoules or Flash serum in your children before Carnival makeups to avoid any unexpected reactions.

We also suggest adding a highlighter to the light points of the face (top of the cheekbone, nose, chin...). Our choice goes to the duo (3.) Glow 2 go duo blush & highlighter by Clarins and (4.) Shiseido, Aura dew highlighter for face, eyes and lips for those who want more shine.

For extra fixation, in addition to the primer we suggest finishing with (5.) Lancôme Fix it Forget it setting mist.


Color! At this point everything is allowed and so we propose color in an uniform or gradient application. We suggest matte finish for a high fixation and long lasting. The (1.) Tatouage couture ultra-matte liquid lipstick by Yves Saint Laurent has a great fixation and the formula is super light and almost imperceptible on the lip. But if you prefer the traditional lipstick, the classic (2.) Chanel Rouge allure velvetluminous matte lip colour is an excellent option.


Glitter and shimmer in festive days are never too much, not even in the body! We then suggest the (3.) Vita Liberata Body blur instant finish body makeup flawless skin is perfect for a satin and tanned finish. If you want to intensify the shine or just add some shimmer you should apply (4.) Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse d'Or multi-usage dry oil golden shimmer.

What about Hair?

Hairstyles are also something important in a party. There are some products that will help to hold and fix any stylingfrom waxes to sprays and even indispensable accessories.

Some accessories such as bobby pins and elastics are indispensable in any hairstyle. For the simplest or elaborate we suggest the (1.) Invisibobble Power extra strong elasticand to complement the bobby pins (2.) Waver hair clip without metal from the same brand that gives hair hold without leaving marks!

When it comes to stylingit's best to opt for extreme fixing sprays like the (3.) Triple take 32 extreme high-hold spray from Redken or  (4.) Rewind 06 pliable styling paste, also from Redken for some hair flexibility in different hairstyles. If the idea is a hairstyle with some updos that require some extra grip, the ideal will be to combine the styling products with the (5.) Redken Powder grip 03 matifying powder to add some texture.

Suggested Products

Luxurious mascara for false lash effect 03 extreme blue 6,4ml
$ 31.68
Powder grip 03 mattifying powder 7g
$ 19.06

Powder grip 03 mattifying powder 7g - Redken

Poowder grip 03 mattifying powder - Redken

Aura dew highlighter 02 solar 7g
$ 27.64

Aura dew highlighter 02 solar 7g - Shiseido

Aura dew face, eyes, lips - Shiseido

Sos make up primer oil free texture 01 rose 30ml
$ 31.06
Fix it forget it spray fixador de maquilhagem 100ml
$ 34.71

Fix it forget it spray fixador de maquilhagem 100ml - Lancôme

Fix it forget it up to 24h makeup setting mist with plant extracts - Lancôme

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