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Perfect lips

08 September 2021

For perfect lips, come and see our step-by-step! Lips rejuvenated and ready to kiss who you love the most!

We know that the lips are an extremely delicate and you need often, extra care. Dry lips, dehydrated, with skins and cracked are some of the problems that we want to avoid, in the name of beautiful lips!

Get to know know the products that will help you get them?


First of all, you should start by cleaning the area, specially if you use make up, and exfoliate about 2 to 3 times in a week, depending on the need of your lips!

You can do this with the 2. Klorane Cyan flower make-up remover wipes face and eyes which are excellent and very practical. If you prefer to use cotton, you can do it with 1. Clinique - Take the day off makeup remover for lids lashes and lips. This biphasic product removes easily colors more obstinate from the mouth, eyelids and eyelashes without tugging, burning or blurring.
To exfoliate, we suggest two products. First, the 3. Clarins - Extra-firming lip contour gentle exfoliator, thanks to its micro-crystals of sugar, eliminates dead skins with a small extreme softness and promotes cell regeneration. Another very good option is the 4. Erborian 7 herbs scrub Exfoliating lips with smoothing effect of Erborian which brings together an exceptional association of sugar crystals with complex 7 HERBS of Erborian Exfoliating action.



To keep lips nd the surrounding area hydrated and in good shape, you must take appropriate care that you should apply on a regular basis.

This double treatment 1. Sesderma - Fillderma lips lip volumizer is a very complete treatment which moisturizes, softens and protects the lips from external aggressions, through it's composition rich in hyaluronic acid, urea, colagen and peptides. Developed with innovative technology Sesderma-Nanotechnology-this lip balm liposomal, is a two stages care, for beautiful and rejuvenated lips:

Step1-filling regeneration
Stage 2-synergistic Action

If you prefer a lip balm, version 2. Nuxe - Rêve de miel ultra nourishing lip balm is an indispensable product. This balm repairs and protects dry and cracked lips, and has a very pleasant aroma.
However, if you already have some anti-age concerns , 3. Endocare - Eye & lip contour antiaging regeneration may be a good choice for the contour of the lips, but also the eyes, as it has a potent regenerating, antioxidant and decongestant action, and restores firmness, hydration and luminosity.
4. La Roche Posay - Cicaplast lips is one of those ideal products to have around because it has a texture barrier that insulates the skin from the aggressions and repairs and soothe your dry and parched lips. Not only for you, but for the whole family, this line, epidermal, repairing has curative effect that accelerates healing of skin fragile, broken, irritated, scaly or with injuries caused by trauma punctual (bruise, burn, cleft), by external aggression (cold, extreme dryness, mycotic infection), for dermatological intervention (peeling, laser, dermabrasion) or minor surgery. Convinced?
The 5. Estée Lauder - New dimension plump fill expert lip treatment is a very complete treatment not only for lips but to the entire surrounding area. This innovative system consists of two steps:

Step 1: A serum that instantly fills in to help visibly set the outline of the lips.
Step 2: A balm with a formula volume specialist that also provides hydration to your lips.



On a daily basis, and especially if you are exposed to the Sun, protecting your lips is quite important.

The 1. Frezyderm - Sun screen lip balm spf 50+ is the ideal product to protect your lips from the Sun, while moisturizes without leaving color. For those who like practical products and ideal to take to the beach, 2. Isdin - Fotoprotector gel cream combi spf 40 is the ideal companion.  In one product, we have the Fotoprotector 50 + cream gel and Chapstick spf 40. There's no excuse not to protect yourselve from the harmful effects of the Sun.
If you are the lipstick kind, we've select two. the 3. Shiseido - Protective lip conditioner spf10 is a daily treatment, which, through moisturizing and soothing benefits needed, works as a daily treatment effective. Or, another option is the 4. Caudalie - Lip conditioner , the care that can never be missing in your wallet. This product, anti-oxidant, also confers nutrition and protection to some sublime lips throughout the day and has a slightly vanille scent.



After treating and protecting, it's time for fun! To beautify and make your lips shine!

In the first, and if you want to give some durability to the lipstick or lip product of your choice, start by applying the 1. Clarins - Instant light lip perfecting base. If on the other hand, if you enjoy lips but do not neglect treatment, the 2. Clarins - Minute huile confort lips is delicious! Lip care oil Clarins expertise inspired to nurture and enhance the natural beauty of your lips!

3. Lancôme - Juicy tubes gloss are reserved only to those who can't resist to extreme brightness and a transparent irresistible color! A real treat for your lips!
For those who do not resite to be happy, the 4. Oh-Yeahh-lip balm is perfect! Innovative care in the dermo-cosmetic market that is based on a rigorous scientific studies to provide the "daily dose of happiness". Moisturizing lipsticks Oh Yeahh are delicious, attractive and undeniably feminine! Theay will revolutionize your daily life and well-being.


Ready to kiss the ones you love the most?! 💋💋