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Body and Soul Detox

24 May 2022

Get to know the 6 tips for a physical and mental detox, to start the new year out right. The turning point for a year that arrives full of hope and requiring renovated energies.


No need to be scared! When we talk about detox, we don't suggest drinking green juices or stopping eating for 3 days. We leave you a set of little habits that can change your life for the better, prepare your body and mind for the renewal of routines, openness to new experiences and the detoxification of everything that disturbs you in your daily life, even if you don't even notice it. Shall we do it?

Calories Detox

Nutrition is a factor that plays a fundamental role in our physical and mental performance. Under the premise of "we are what we eat", it becomes crucial to take care of ourselves, embracing a balanced diet, without excesses, which gives us a healthy lifestyle and makes us feel happy and complete. 

You can admit it! After this festive and over-eating season, the ideal would just be for our bodies to forget all this junk and start from scratch, wouldn't it? And why not?

Detox das calorias

Depuralina Detox purifying sticks will help you in this detox without having to go through more drastic measures. A food supplement that controls fat metabolism and eliminates excess toxins, including those in the skin! Also get to know the power of Cellulase Xanthigen in fat suppression of adipocytes and accumulation of fat in cells. Also with an accelerating action of the elimination of water and toxins, we have the Draining organic herbal teas - Caudalíe.

Laziness Detox

Remember that New Year's resolution where you promised yourself you would go to the gym 3 times a week? Well, we know that this won't be a constant throughout the year, and you don't have to feel guilty about it! The most important thing is to find a balance and at the same time not lose focus to the goal. Explore the various options of physical activities that you have at your disposal and find out which/what motivates you and leaves you fulfilled at a physical and mental level. Even if it is only a 10 minute walk, this can change the course of a day that at the beginning would be more difficult. Let's move!

At the end of each exercise session, allow yourself to relax and, after a revitalizing bath, pamper yourself with a toning massage, and present yourself with the power of slimming oils and sensorial creams. Experience the revitalizing action of the body scrub Collistar - Talasso-scrub revitalizing exfoliating, the power of the relaxing oil Clarins - Relax body treatment oil and the moisturizing cream enriched with shea butter and apricot oil Biotherm - Bath relaxing cream.

Emotional Detox

Let's promise ourselves that this year we will lead a more peaceful lifestyle? After all the emotional instability experienced in recent times, the reflection on what is really important and what does not deserve our attention that much, becomes a premeditation. Be emotionally intelligent and know how to distinguish what is worth investing energy and time in. Relativize, put into perspective and find your balance! 

Detox Emocional

Learn and understand which mechanisms work better for you. Meditation is an example of an activity that allows you to relax, concentrate and balance, working on your full attention capacity and improving your cognitive functions. Shall we try something new today?

Technology Detox

This ability to focus may also be related to our less healthy habits, including the time we spend in front of the small screen. The technologies are here to stay and the truth is that they are an incredible way to make our personal and professional life easier and now have a constant presence in everything we do. 

Detox das Tecnologias

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? And the last thing before you fall asleep? Well, most people would answer these questions with "I check notifications, news or social media". Have you ever thought about the habits you've been losing over time that have been replaced by your phone screen? What do you think about instead reading a book or talking with your partner about your day or about the most random things? How long has it been since you did it? Disconnect from bad habits, connect to people!

Skin Detox

There are many and varied factors that perform a harmful action on our skin's health: stress, pollution and the latest villain, the mask. A new year also asks for a renewed skin, free of impurities and more radiant. Take some time to take care of yourself and detox your skin! Meet the masks, exfoliators and cleansers that will give a new life to your skin:

1) Filorga - Scrub & detox intense purity foam exfoliator: A double exfoliation with a detox effect!
2) Darphin - Aromatic oil-mask detox and anti-stress with vetiver: The relaxing action that only the best essential oils provide.
3) Shiseido - Waso beauty sleeping mask: Reinforcement of vitamins A, C and E for a fuller and more luminous skin.

Hair Detox

Also the hair and scalp are exposed daily to internal and external factors such as stress, pollution, bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle, which increase the accumulation of toxins. Check also a fresh and clean start to your hair. Meet the shampoos, scrubs and moisturizers that will result in a ritual of detoxification and restart, for a healthy and balanced mind and hair health.

Detox capilar

Make a scalp preparation for a cleansing ritual, using the exfoliating action of the Fusio scrub apaisant for sensitive scalp - Kérastase. Apply a deep cleansing shampoo with Phytodetox clarifying detox shampoo and finish this ritual with Astera soothing fluid - Rene Furterer, for a moment of pure relaxation.

Finally, the most important message would be that beauty and well-being is something that is worked from within and becomes evident from the outside, so this year invest in yourself and seek the boost you need for this new beginning.