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Sun, Beach and Biotherm Sunscreen!

19 July 2022

Efficient and responsible protection! Meet the suncare range that cares of the skin while respects the aquatic biodiversity!


Protect yourself from the sun's rays, also protecting the seas and oceans! As?


With Waterlover solar milk spf50 orWaterlover solar milk spf30 an innovation in the production of sunscreens that aims to respect aquatic life. A 97% biodegradable formula in a 100% recycled and recyclable package!

Biotherm comes after 10 years of research with another formula of excellence, awarded with the official and independent certificate "Nordic Swan Ecolabel", an achievement that results from Biotherm's constant concern to develop products that protect our environment.

A water-resistant formula enriched with Life Plankton™ extract and Vitamin E, for a soothing and antioxidant action that results in soft and silky skin.

Try these sensory desirable textures and enjoy the sun in an ecologically cared for way!

Your protection and that of everyone in a practical bottle that reminds warmth days, beach and positive vibes!