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Biotherm Suncare

19 July 2022

Biotherm Suncare, the ideal protection for your skin and for the oceans!


The time of the year when sunscreens are essential has arrived. When the moment comes to buy them, which one is the best option?

The Biotherm brand presents products that care about your skin and also the environment.

Focusing on the blue, Biotherm comes up with "Blue Beauty" - an initiative, an approach, a will to create products that take care of your skin while taking care of the planet.
Biotherm is dedicated to Blue Beauty, inspired by nature and detailed by science, creating sustainable and safe products. Committed to using renewable ingredients, creating more and more formulas that respect the oceans while developing more sustainable packaging.

Water Lovers
With this ecological awareness, Biotherm presents Waterlovers, a range of sustainable products that aim to take care of both you and the aquatic environment.

Biotherm - Waterlover Sun Milk SPF50 and Biotherm - Waterlover Sun Milk SPF30 are environmentally friendly sunscreens that are not only water resistant, but also have the mission to
protect our oceans. An innovation in their production that aims to respect aquatic life. A 97% biodegradable formula in a 100% recycled and recyclable packaging!


Its formula is enriched with Life Plankton™ and Vitamin E for a soothing and antioxidant action that results in well-protected skin for a luminous and healthy tan.

At the end of a sunny day, the need to moisturize is essential. With Biotherm - After Sun Oligo- Thermal Moisturizing Milk, your skin acquires intense hydration, a long-lasting tan and a magnificent feeling of comfort.

Protect your skin, while protecting your planet!